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I had carbonara tonight for dinner. My carbonara is a huge pile of veggies (mostly broccoli) with a little whole wheat pasta (and an egg, parmesan, and 2 slices of bacon). It’s an easy, yummy, healthy, and highly satisfying meal for 400 calories. I ate around 5:30 and I won’t be hungry till after church […]

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First, the disclaimer: I don’t believe in horoscopes. That is, I don’t believe the stars predict if it’s a good time for a risky financial deal or that there’s a tall dark stranger in your near future. But I still enjoy the realastrology (http://freewillastrology.sparkns.com/) column in the local free weekly paper. It’s always semi-philosophical and […]

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I’ve been thinking ahead to Lent. And to maintenance. I know this is sort of “long range” planning, especially the maintenance part, but look at it this way: it took me nearly 2 years of thinking about healthy eating before I started for Lent last year. I sure hope it doesn’t take me 2 years […]

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How does one learn to eat just one, to not go back for seconds, thirds, and sixth of some things? I’m not talking when you are legitimately hungry and took too small a portion the first time. I’m talking primarily about treats – when you portion out three cookies or a small serving of chips […]

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I bounced in to Onederland for a couple days in November but since starting menopause my weight loss has slowed and also my bounces are wilder so I didn’t expect to stay there. But my bounces were all heading in the right direction on the rebounds so I just kept on bouncing along. A week […]

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There have been so many times the last couple months where I wanted to come record something here but life just got a bit ahead of me and updating this blog was pretty far down on the list. But I’m pleased to report that despite too much to do and too little time I’ve done […]

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Flash! I’ve already lost 5 pounds this month. I chalk it up to having gotten at least 4 hours of sleep a day, sometimes even 6. I’m still working beaucoup overtime but I’ve switched my main shcedule around so I’m working four 10 hour nights instead of three 12 hour ones and that makes a […]

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I weighed in Monday afternoon at exactly 215.0! Seventy pounds and two BMI categories down; 65 pounds and two more categories to go. Afterwards I went to the Fair with my girlfriends. This is the 25th anniversary of our first “Grils Night Out”. Every year we eat Fair food and get our picture taken in […]

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My flights home from Montana were blissfully uneventful and since then I’ve just been working working working. When I work my regular shifts I get tired but when I add extra nights I end up exhausted. I’m too tired to exercise, too tired to think, too tired to even eat. I save all my energy […]

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Right about the timeĀ  I started nodding off and the plane reached cruising altitude out of JFK it lost pressurization. We had to drop down to under 10,000 feet and eventually to about 1500. The plane wasn’t in danger of falling out of the sky but it wasn’t working properly so they diverted us to […]

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