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April was a good test of patience and willpower. I only lost 1.4 pounds for the entire month. It was so tempting to just chuck it all and wallow in a lovely variety of junk food. But instead I’d tried to think of it as “at goal” and what would I do if this was […]

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Fifty pounds down and fifty to go. I know it is doable. And I know I can do it. But right now, mostly healed up but not quite plus with weather that makes getting out in the woods kinda tough, I’m feeling blah about the weight i’ve lost, the weight I have to lose, the […]

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Last week I got my gallbladder removed in a remarkably easy out patient procedure. First thing the surgeon said to me in recovery was “no more food restrictions!”. Totally music to my ears. However… In reality my life should always have food restrictions. Both what I eat and how much I eat. For the last […]

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So, I had the brilliant idea to go check out the Maintainers section. These are folks who lost the weight and kept it off. Three posts really clicked for me. They are quite old now, I wonder if the authors are still maintaining. (sad note: the last quote is from “Justwant2Bhealthy” aka Rosebud who passed […]

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I’ve been working on inspiration to keep on losing and to get up and move more. Lots of great encouragement from the 3Fc forums as always. And then i had the brilliant idea to go back and see what I said back when I had lost that hundred pounds the first time… And I’m going […]

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I’m going to use my daily miles recorded by my fitbit to note where I’d be on a walk from Bag End to Rivendell.  I’ve created a separate page to note my progress.

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i charged up the the fitbit… I’m wearing the fitbit… Will i start walking more?

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I haven’t been dieting. I haven’t been taking care of myself. I haven’t been able to make myself care enough. Then i discovered the most amazing biofedback mechanism in the world: My Gallbladder. The Gallbladder Diet is one guaranteed to make you lose weight fast. It is a diet you will not even be tempted […]

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But I’m finding my  way back!

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No, I haven’t taken up running, with my knees that’s not even remotely possible. But the runtastic website has a whole bunch of apps for various physical activities and one of them is a simple pedometer. Most of the activity apps use the GPS function of the phone to record progress – those might be […]

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