(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

I’ve been at this a year now. When I started i wasn’t even sure I was starting. I thought I was but all i knew for sure was I was giving up junk food for Lent. From there I progressed to counting calories then to trying to limit the number of calories I’d have to count per day. Over the year I’ve gradually moved to healthier foods and to working on my whole approach to food.

Back in January I wrote about committing even more to whole foods this year during Lent but since then I’ve thought a lot about it. I decided I could embrace whole foods without the extra push I get from Lent and that I needed God’s help for other stuff more.  So, I’m giving up being a smart ass for Lent this year. Giving up sweet and salty stuff was easy by comparison…

Meanwhile, I have launched myself even more toward whole foods. I am now making my own yogurt at home and making my own sourdough breads. This took a little effort to fit these activities in to an already busy schedule but I’m doing okay with that.  On the other hand, homemade whole milk yogurt is not a traditional “diet” food. And while I’m 100% certain that my home made sprouted whole wheat sourdough english muffins are not only tastier but also far healthier than the store bought ones (and amazingly easy to make!) I am also eating more bread now than I was. I used to usually have one slice of bread a day, now I have an english muffin a day, plus one or two the day I make them (because they are o nom nom nom fresh off the griddle!). I’m still keeping within my calories but I’m getting more fats and more carbs than before – and my weight loss has stalled. On the other hand, on a 3 month graph my current bouncing around the high 180’s isn’t any different than how things have been going since i started menopause, so perhaps the carbs and fats aren’t messing with things. The extra dairy (i think that was it) seemed to slow down or block up some essential bodily functions for a bit,  but I seem to have adjusted and things are moving smoothly again.

So, that’s where I am right now – still a pound or so away form 100 pounds down but feeling good about the foods I am eating and how I am treating my body. I really want to pass that 100 pounds milestone and move in to being just “overweight” but I know I’ll get there. Probably this month, too.

March 6th, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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