(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

Last week I got my gallbladder removed in a remarkably easy out patient procedure. First thing the surgeon said to me in recovery was “no more food restrictions!”. Totally music to my ears.


In reality my life should always have food restrictions. Both what I eat and how much I eat. For the last three months my body has forced extreme food restriction on me. While I’m glad to no longer be living in fear of extreme pain I hope I have actually learned something from this experience.

The day after my surgery i had a peanut butter cup. It was lovely.

And then i went right back to making healthy choices. I’m going to keep making healthy choices. I can do this!

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So, I had the brilliant idea to go check out the Maintainers section. These are folks who lost the weight and kept it off. Three posts really clicked for me. They are quite old now, I wonder if the authors are still maintaining. (sad note: the last quote is from “Justwant2Bhealthy” aka Rosebud who passed away from cancer a year and a half after the quoted post.)


There do seem to be a couple of general “rules” that help us stay within maintenance.

I think most of us have either a set number or a “maintenance range” weight (usually a fluctuation of about 5 lbs.)

Most people post that they weigh themselves on a regular schedule (how often depends again on the individual).

They also have a “red line” weight. Once they get near or go over the red line they switch into diet mode until they are in their maintenance range again. (Mudpie 1/23/2009)


Think about maintaining right now. Right NOW. This process isn’t over when we reach goal. You’ll find that most of us maintainers, if not all, do the same exact thing to maintain our loss as we did to lose the weight, the careful monitoring and tracking of calories, the “clean” eating, planning ahead, frequent exercise, frequent scale watching, etc. Some of us up our calories by a few hundred a day, others, like myself, keep their calories the same and adds in a splurge meal every now and then. You will have to discover what works best for you.

Remember, this is no “diet” that you’re on. No going back to the old ways. The minute that you go back to those old ways, the minute, maybe sooner, that you gain back the weight. There is no way around that. (rockinrobin 1/24/2009)


*GOOD TIPS* ~ be very careful about allowing 1-2 cookies here; or a piece of pie there; or some chips here; and some ice cream there. That can be the beginning of a slippery slope right back into obesity …

1) FACE FACTS: You CANNOT go back to overeating unhealthy foods in unlimited amounts, if you don’t want to undo all your hard work, and gain the weight back — it’s just that plain & simple!!!

2) SELF-MONITOR: if you see your weight is slipping back up; do not allow it to go up more than 5 lbs. Immediately take a look at what you have been eating, and tweak your meals again until that 5 lbs is back off …

3) DON’T LIE TO YOURSELF ~ when you see a gain, get to work on it right away; that very same day!

4) CLEAN HOUSE, AGAIN ~ if you have allowed junk back into the house; get rid of it!

5) LIMIT EATING OUT ~ unless you consistently choose healthier options, limit eating out to once a week or month.

6) FIND HEALTHIER OPTIONS ~ i.e. have baked tators instead of french fries cooked in fat. Choose oven-baked chicken or deli BBQ spit chicken instead of fried. Or have the KFC chicken but only with a salad and NO FRIES! And have that only a few times a year (no more than once a month).

7) ONCE A MONTH RULE ~ keep the “Once A Month rule” and you should not gain any weight back. This means you cannot have and high-calorie meal, dessert, or snack more than once a month for maintenance. I believe my doctor was right on about this idea. Why — becuz one time a month will be a wash over that amount of time: it’s all about “The law of averages” rule. Averaged over a month, one off plan meal, dessert, or snack should not affect your weight. (Justwant2Bhealthy 2/28/2012)

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I’ve been working on inspiration to keep on losing and to get up and move more. Lots of great encouragement from the 3Fc forums as always. And then i had the brilliant idea to go back and see what I said back when I had lost that hundred pounds the first time… And I’m going to save them here to reread periodically…

  • Ratios? Ratios? I’m just happy to have a waist again. I mean a waist that is smaller than my bust or hips (I guess it always was but it sure didn’t feel like it). At 53 I sure don’t expect to have the form I had in my 20’s, I don’t have the hair or the knees (boy do I not have the knees) or the arrogance of my 20’s either. But I’m wiser and kinder and happier. And I’m working hard on the healthier. I’ll take all those over any ratio any time. (1/3/11)
  • I always think of Moody’s motto (from Harry Potter) – Constant Vigilance!
    But don’t beat yourself up about one afternoon’s mistakes – learn from them and move forward. Beating yourself up doesn’t burn enough calories to make it a worthwhile thing to do! (3/6/11)
  • Accept and own, and I mean really own, that stuff like that [unhealthy food choices] is out of your life forever. It isn’t out of your life till you get down to 110 pounds and then you can celebrate and go back to your bad old ways. Because you can’t. You’ll just pack on the pounds again and they’ll bring their friends and the next time you want to lose weight there will be more to lose and your metabolism will be even more resistant to losing it. So this change is for good and for real and forever. (2/5/11)
  • I think the thing I will tell myself when I reach goal is to not slack off just because I am finally at a healthy BMI. I’m not done, I will never be done. I will keep the healthy eating habits I’ve been working on this past year, learn new ones, and never ever ever give up on myself! (2/20/11)

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I’m going to use my daily miles recorded by my fitbit to note where I’d be on a walk from Bag End to Rivendell.  I’ve created a separate page to note my progress.

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i charged up the the fitbit… I’m wearing the fitbit… Will i start walking more?

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I haven’t been dieting. I haven’t been taking care of myself. I haven’t been able to make myself care enough.

Then i discovered the most amazing biofedback mechanism in the world: My Gallbladder.

The Gallbladder Diet is one guaranteed to make you lose weight fast. It is a diet you will not even be tempted to cheat on.

Sometimes gallbladders create stones and sometimes those stones end up in places where they shouldn’t be. And that causes pain, sometimes really really intense pain. But even minor gallbladder pain is enough to make you say “no! no! no!”.

If your gallbladder is acting up then anything high in fat will probably cause pain. Even things not super high in fat might cause pain. It’s trial and error what is safe to eat because it seems to vary from person to person. Not eating is easiest. Also, too much of any food no matter how low fat will probably cause pain. And by “too much” we’re talking maybe half a sandwich. So, when you finally find something that your body will tolerate you can’t eat much, even if you are really, really, really hungry. And the memory of the pain will guarantee you won’t even be tempted.

After about 6 weeks on The Gallbladder Diet I’d lost about 30 pounds and still wasn’t eating. I fired up MyFitnessPal again and started tracking calories because I knew I was losing weight waaaay too fast and needed to eat more. Most days I was lucky to get 1000 calories. But after 2 more weeks of tracking I’m usually getting 1200, sometimes even 1400 a day. All very very healthy carefully planned calories. Despite that, I’m now down 40 pounds. And my surgery to remove my gallbladder is still a month away.

Of course, the trick will be, post surgery, to keep tracking, keep eating healthy, keep caring. But I’m trying to use this experience to create better habits. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


the part below is to help me remember chronology, it’s not very interesting reading….


In early December i had a bit of food poisoning. At least that’s what I thought. But instead of feeling fine in a day or two I continued to have a rumbly tummy and had trouble eating. And I started itching all over. A lot.

All of December was rocky but I worked Christmas Eve into Christmas morning and got home planning on sleeping a bit before joining friends to celebrate the day. Instead, soon after i got home i got very sick and missed Christmas (and Boxing Day) altogether.

Four days later I accepted I wasn’t getting better and went to my Doctor. She took one look at me and sent me to the hospital. And they liked me so much they kept me for four days.

Turns out my “food poisoning” was probably my gallbladder getting rid of a stone. And Christmas Day was probably a bigger stone. And all the itching was because my liver was upset by all these stones – when your bilirubins run amok you itch. A lot.

So, I’m now one giant healing scab who will get her gallbladder out in early March.

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But I’m finding my  way back!

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No, I haven’t taken up running, with my knees that’s not even remotely possible. But the runtastic website has a whole bunch of apps for various physical activities and one of them is a simple pedometer. Most of the activity apps use the GPS function of the phone to record progress – those might be dandy if you live somewhere with decent satellite or cell coverage. Out where I live both are spotty and I can walk for miles while my phone app thinks I’m sitting at home eating bonbons. The runtastic pedometer, however, uses the phones accelerometer (the thing that tells the phone when you’ve tilted it so the screen moves from horizontal to vertical and back again). It’ may not be 100% accurate but it’s better than nothing at all.

So now I take my phone with me on my rambles with my dogs and at the end of the walk runtastic uploads my exercise directly to myfitnesspal. I am inspired like I was when i first found 3FC and I hope this inspiration does as much for me as 3FC has done! I can’t lose another 100 pounds like 3FC helped me to, but maybe I can runtastic myself down to my original goal weight?!

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I haven’t written anything in waaay too long so it’s time to ketchup.

I went off the rails there for a bit and gained back 25 pounds or so but starting with the new year I started focusing on healthy eating again. I lost 20 pounds pretty quick but then went astray again. And now I’m back at it again.

I’ve learned two things from all this: OMG it is soooo easy to gain weight back and it comes back fast. And, just as important, I can do this, I CAN restart my healthy lifestyle.  Every day is a new day and I am a work in progress.

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The annual Heath Fair at work was yesterday. This free event was a major part of the start of my journey to a healthier me.  I’ll update my “stats” later this week when i am on the computer at work but I wanted to write a little about cholesterol…

In 2008 my HDL was 48 – with a goal of anything over 50 (according to this year’s screener but over 60 according to whatever source i was using when i created my stats chart…). In 2009 my HDL was 44 – heading the wrong direction, as were the rest of my numbers. By 2009 I’d lost 80 pounds, pretty much given up junk food, and my HDL had climbed to 59 (and the rest of my numbers had also improved!).

This year my HDL is 86! The nurse doing the screening was very pleased with that number. And so am I! Especially since the last month or two I really have been eating all the bad foods – candy bars, chips, mass produced cookies. And even though I’m still down 80 pounds from my all time high I’m also up from my most recent low weight too. So my good HDL might have been even better.

But even with the junk food it was good. And I give credit for that to my switch to raw, whole, unhomogenized, unpasturized milk; local free range eggs, and grass fed meats. I skim the cream off the milk so i have heavy cream for my coffee and make kefir out of the rest. I drink at least a pint jar of kefir nearly every day. The whole milk, cream, eggs, red meat, and things like liver are all things the hand out that came with my screening recommend against and maybe that’s true if you it’s factory farm crap – but the local grass fed stuff is a whole ‘nother thing.

Yes, I do the other recommended things – fish (mostly tuna and wild caught salmon), olive oil, avoiding transfats. But I am proud to break all the other rules.

I’m still working on getting the junk food back undercontrol and I am still committed to losing the rest of my weight. But I’m sticking with my raw milk!!!

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