Hello again 230’s….because…

…We’re pregnant!!!!  =)  Surprise!

Ben and I found out on June 9th that we’re pregnant and we’re sooo excited!  lol  It was quite a surprise but we can’t wait!  The expected due date is February 20th.  I’m almost at 10 weeks and I can’t believe how fast it’s going!  Its really surreal! 

We’ve had 4 ultrasounds so far and it’s just amazing to see how much the baby changes every couple weeks!  Our first U/S due to some spotting at 4ish weeks, the baby wasn’t even there yet.  Then at 5 weeks/ 5 days it was a little glob, and then at 7 weeks/ 3 days it was so much bigger and had a shape, and then at almost 10 weeks you could see the head, body, arms, and legs…AND HE WAS DANCING AND WIGGLING! Its just so amazing to see the little heart beating and it moving around…I’m in aw!  He’s growing and everything looks great! 

It’s just such an exciting time full of new experiences and I’m pretty much speechless!  lol


Some more exciting news!!  Ben and I are going to be getting married in August!  We’ve always planned on getting married but I wanted to wait until I was done with school but the baby is speeding up that process just a little!  lol  *Squee*!   We’re just going to do something simple…we’re thinking about elloping and going to Vegas for a couple days, flying up to MD and getting a justice of the peace to come out to the beach, or just doing the justice of the peace here.    I’ve never wanted a big wedding…My theory has always been to just save that money and use it to buy a house or take an amazing honeymoon!  lol   We’ll be deciding soon though because it’s a month away! 


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  1. incontrol2day on September 22nd, 2010


    I fell off the 3FC wagon and just came back. I’m so excited and happy for you 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear the details.

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