My re-epiphany…

I’ve relearned this week that if I just count my calories like a good girl AND workout at the same time I lose weight!  It was like *ding* and the light came back on.

I’ve been struggling for MONTHS with being on plan and working out.  I have kept promising myself, my vlog viewers and blog readers that I’m going to get back on plan.  I keep promising that there’s no more fooling around and yet somehow I’ve still been STUCK.  Luckily, I’ve maintained in a +/- 5lb (228-232) range which I’m THANKFUL for BUT I’m ready to see it go down!  I’ve been ready to see it go dowwwn but my attempts have failed.  Why?  Simply because for some odd reason I’ve forgotten to focus on both very important aspects of losing weight, working out & counting strictly, at the same time!  Oops.  One week I would do GREAT with working out but not count my calories….then I would notice I’m still stuck and try and focus on counting calories and forget about working out.  It’s been back and forth for months and I’m soooo happy that this morning when I stepped on the scale and was FINALLY at 227 that my little light went off and I realized that I’ve been counting strictly and working out!  Ding ding ding…that’s what works!!!! Duh! Silly me!  So this time…with my head on straight…we’re going to start seeing the scale move it on dowwwn! 

I got a little depressed this afternoon because looking back I should be down to almost 200 by now…I should’ve been 215-220 by Valentine’s Day!  I had to kind of slap myself to open my eyes and realize that as of today I HAVE LOST 50 POUNDS!!!  That huge and I have no excuse what so ever to be moping around because I’m not 200lbs yet.  I’ve done great, I’ve gotten over bumps in the road, and I’ve kept going when I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted….I’m doing it!  No matter how slow…I’m doing it! 

I have this new fire under my rump and I’m so ready to be 100% committed in counting calories, working out, and focusing on being healthy!


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  1. incontrol2day on May 13th, 2010

    Welcome back! I’m glad to see you posting again! I know what you mean. I’ve been struggling the last few months too living a maintainer’s lifestyle when I’m not at goal. I slacked off once I got the first 45 lbs off.

    Good luck with everything 😀

  2. incontrol2day on June 15th, 2010

    I hope you are doing well with everything.

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