Good-Bye 230’s! Hello 220’s!

FINALLY!  After NINE WEEKS stuck in the 230’s Ive moved down! 

I admit that half of it was my fault for being a bit too relaxed with cheating here and there AND not really giving it my all in the gym but for the past couple weeks Ive been being a good girl with no results. 

This is where I would like to give my thanks to 24 Hour Fitness and my new gym membership for getting me down to 228 today!  lol  Ben and I got gym memberships this week and OMG its so nice.  I was so bored with going to the apt fitness center and being stuck on that treadmill.  We now have access to ANY equipment we want, a basketball court, a lap pool, and weights!  The only negative thing, which has really turned into a hidden positive, is that we have to drive 15 mins to get to the closest location.  Its been working out really well because if you drive 15 mins to get to the gym you want to make you workout worth the drive the get there.  Last night for example, Ben and I were at the gym from 12:45 until 3:30.  We did 40 mins of cardio (cross trainer and row machine), spent a while on the weights, did ab work, ran around the basketball court playing around, and then swam laps for while.  I got sooo much exercise and its been like that everytime we’ve gone so far! 

I talked about just how motivating it is to go to a gym on my vlog yesterday too.  I LOVE it.  If Im surrounded by people working out around me it really pushes me to workout that much harder.  I dont want to slack off if I know someone may be looking at me.  lol  Im also a weirdo that loves to be surrounded by athletic/in shape people so that while Im working out I can look around and see where I want to be.  Its great inspiration! 

Ive really fallen in love with swimming laps!  Its a perfect ending to a really good workout.  Its more of an reward for working on that a workout in disguise itself!  =)  Ben taught me how to do flip turns too so Im getting better with each workout!   Its so relaxing! 

OH!  I also had to go out and buy a pair of size 16 jeans a couple weeks ago.  I could take off and put on my 18’s without unbuttoning so I figured it was time!  

Its just surreal to me that Im ONE pound away from a 50 lb loss!  I keep an excel sheet of my loss and my last day recorded on there is my birthday, 10/30.  I am at week 30 of 59…at around half way done!  Im so amazed that Ive been doing this for 30 weeks!  WOW!  I can obviously add more weeks to it but that was my initial goal date which was overwhelming and just a dream when I made it. 

Anywho, Im starting to ramble on so I’ll leave it at that for tonight!  Expect to hear from me again soon when I get down to 221/20%!!!!  **happy dance!**

Stay strong ladies and keep working hard!  We can do this!  <3

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  1. incontrol2day on April 19th, 2010

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you are moving down 😀 It sounds like you got an AMAZING workout in. I use the apartment gym so I know what you mean about feeling bored with the same equipment. I am really thankful I have it though because I definitely take advantage of it 😉


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