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Uh oh my scale broke!

I have no idea what’s wrong with it.  I switched out the battery and even wiped it down with a soft cloth to clean it up a bit and it still wont’ come on.  Not too long ago it wasn’t working right so I think it’s done for.  Bummer for me because I had just gotten under 200 lbs and am so anxious to track my ongoing process.  I guess this will keep me from weighing myself too often.  I’m hoping in the next week or so go get a new one.  As much as not obsessing over the scale is a “good” thing not being able to track my progress and keep myself on track is a “bad” thing. 

In other news I bought a size 16 pants not too long ago and I swear they are baggy on me already.  They are baggy through the legs and while not super loose through the waist I can definetly tell that they are a bit looser than when I first bought them.  That makes me very happy!!!

I also can’t wait becasuse I finally earned enough points through my Mypoints account to get a $50 Giftcard and I decided to go with Lane Bryant to get some new clothes!  They have some clearance items on the website that I have in my shopping cart just waiting for the Giftcard to get here.  Hopefully it doesn’t take much longer because I cannot wait to get some new clothes.  Too bad Lane Bryant store issn’t closer to me so I could try some clothes on.  Who knows though I might make the trip anyway to get some new clothes.

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Down another lb!

I’m now at 197.5 lb!  Yeah!!!!  The weight loss is slow but sure.  I’ve been upping my exercises trying to do more on my elliptical and bouncing on my exercise ball.  I’m thrilled that my back fat has shrunken so much and I’m starting to have a “gap” between my legs.  Yeah my legs aren’t brushing together like they used to!!!!

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Upped the resistance

I upped the resistance on my elliptical.  OK I only upped it to “2″ but oh my goodness does that make a diffrence!  I could only manage 6 min and am sweating like a pig.  I’m taking a bit of a break and would like to try another 6 min here shortly.  I also used my exercise ball for a little over 10 min.  I didn’t exactly break any records today but am proud that I’m dabbling with a harder workout on the elliptical so that’s something to be proud of :)

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Before and “Almost” After

I finally got under 200 lbs so I thought it was time to post progress pics.  I think I’m going to lower my goal weight of 185 lbs, but for now I’m thrilled at my current weight!

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Down another lb!

Now I’m down to 198.5!    It’s so great to be under 200 lbs.  The weight loss seems to be slowing down but it’s still going down, so I’m thrilled.  I still walk each day and use my exercise ball.  I definetly need to use the elliptial more and plan on adding some more time with it.  I’m becoming critical of certain areas of my body (inner thighs, belly, saggy arms) so I’m trying to target those areas a bit more as I continue to lose.  I also bought  a size 16 pants today since I was so tired of wearing size 18’s that wanted to fall down!

UPDATE:  Did 12 min on the elliptical!!!!  Legs are burning after that workout!!!!

I ‘m also super excited because I’ve been earning MyPoints and almost have aneough points earned for a $50 Lane Brayant card which I’d like to use towards a dressy outfit.  I found a dress that I like and am thinking strongly of buying it.  Can’t wait!

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Finally in a 16

Seems like it’s taken forever but I’m finally in a size 16.  I tried a pair on a Fashion Bug.  They looked pretty good but I could find no good tops to match the pants so I left with no outfit.  Maybe I should have bought it, but serioulsy I’ve worked so hard to lose weight I really don’t want to waist my money on lousy looking clothes!  Beside I’ve had a lot of luck buying clothes at the Salvation Army and places like that so I figure I can get them cheaper there and it’s easier to transistion from one size to another.  CANNOT wait to hit a size 14.  That was the smallest size I was ever in, so I eagerly await getting there!

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Still doing good

I finally made it under 200 lbs.  LOL, yep 199.5!!!! Ha ha ha!  It’s still good to say “one hundred and ANYTHING!”  I did pretty well through the holidays.  The only indulgences I had were a few homemade shortbread cookies (ugh nothing but butter and sugar but they were good!) and I also ate my MIL’s Christmas dinner of Cabbage Rolls, Potato Salad, and Ham.  I also had a slice of her apple pie (yuck canned apples!).  I’ve kept up with my exercising walking daily and using my exercise ball, so all in all it was a good holiday diet wise.

I’m hoping 2009 sees me reaching my first goal of 185 lbs.  I think I’d like to go lower than that but one goal at a time.  I’d also like to get toned for this year.  I have excess flesh on my arms, inner thighs, and belly.  I doubt if I ever get them looking great but I think I can improve on their overall look by doing some strengthing exercises and toning the muscles underneath.  Can’t wait!

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Gosh I don’t want to jinx myself but….

I’m now down to 202 lbs!  So many people commented to me today that my face suddenly looked thinner and how “skinny” I looked, so when I got home I had to weigh myself.  I normally don’t weigh myself so often, but that plateau I hit had me at the same weight for so long that I’ve been jumping on the scale a bit more.  I’m just so exicted to be “this close” to being under 200 lbs.  What a thrill!

LOL, I even felt lighter today walking.  I noticed I was walking much faster than usual.  It was probably the excitement I’m felling over losing weight, but I’m sure dropping a few extra pounds helps too!!!!!!!!

I did my exercise ball some more last night.  It’s actually pretty fun to do I’m just trying to get a good balance of when to do it.  I know it’s not good to do something like that everyday, so I try to break it up between upper body,lower body, and waist toning. 

Well off to bed I go so I can get up early for work tomorrow.

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Heading to “one”derland

I Cannot wait to get under 200lbs.  If someone asks your weight and you begin it with a “1″ it automatcally sounds skinny to me regardless of the numbers that come after!!!!  I actually lost  a couple of more lbs and am now down to 205.  I know, I shouldn’t have weighed myself again but I tend to only lose a few lbs once every few weeks sometimes up to a month or more, and then hit a plateau until the following month.  I am now 205.  I feel that I want to work extra hard to get it down to 199 lbs since I’m now so close.  What a motivation to be so close to another goal!

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Down another pound

Wow I’m finally getting over being sick–thank goodness!  Found out I had bronchitis.  Throughout it all I tried to be very good about what I was eating.  I was thrilled to see today that I’m down a pound and am now 207.  For anyone interested my starting weight was 251 so as you can imagine I’ve been thrilled with my weight loss.  I’t’s taken me a little over a year to accomplish this but I don’t care because I’m hoping doing this slow will insure that I keep it off.

I finally seem to be on the verge of getting out of my size 18 pants.  Seems like I’ve been in them forever but noticed the other day they are getting loose, so that’s great!  I might have to stop by the store and try on a pair of sz 16’s to see how close I really am!  I have a store called Gabriel Brothers nearby and they carry name brand clothes at discounted prices and they carry lots of Lane Bryant jeans which are my favorite.  I also like the fact that they seem more true to size IMO.  Don’t worry I won’t be sad if they dont fit, because I know sometime soon they will!!!!

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