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Uh oh my scale broke!

I have no idea what’s wrong with it.  I switched out the battery and even wiped it down with a soft cloth to clean it up a bit and it still wont’ come on.  Not too long ago it wasn’t working right so I think it’s done for.  Bummer for me because I had just gotten under 200 lbs and am so anxious to track my ongoing process.  I guess this will keep me from weighing myself too often.  I’m hoping in the next week or so go get a new one.  As much as not obsessing over the scale is a “good” thing not being able to track my progress and keep myself on track is a “bad” thing. 

In other news I bought a size 16 pants not too long ago and I swear they are baggy on me already.  They are baggy through the legs and while not super loose through the waist I can definetly tell that they are a bit looser than when I first bought them.  That makes me very happy!!!

I also can’t wait becasuse I finally earned enough points through my Mypoints account to get a $50 Giftcard and I decided to go with Lane Bryant to get some new clothes!  They have some clearance items on the website that I have in my shopping cart just waiting for the Giftcard to get here.  Hopefully it doesn’t take much longer because I cannot wait to get some new clothes.  Too bad Lane Bryant store issn’t closer to me so I could try some clothes on.  Who knows though I might make the trip anyway to get some new clothes.


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