Start Your Diet Today!

Gosh I don’t want to jinx myself but….

I’m now down to 202 lbs!  So many people commented to me today that my face suddenly looked thinner and how “skinny” I looked, so when I got home I had to weigh myself.  I normally don’t weigh myself so often, but that plateau I hit had me at the same weight for so long that I’ve been jumping on the scale a bit more.  I’m just so exicted to be “this close” to being under 200 lbs.  What a thrill!

LOL, I even felt lighter today walking.  I noticed I was walking much faster than usual.  It was probably the excitement I’m felling over losing weight, but I’m sure dropping a few extra pounds helps too!!!!!!!!

I did my exercise ball some more last night.  It’s actually pretty fun to do I’m just trying to get a good balance of when to do it.  I know it’s not good to do something like that everyday, so I try to break it up between upper body,lower body, and waist toning. 

Well off to bed I go so I can get up early for work tomorrow.


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