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Is this plateau finally behind me?

I know I shouldn’t weight myself everyday but I happened to lose another lb!  Now at 220.  I also did 11 min straight on my elliptical yesterday and today walked 45 min.  So I’m really happy that I accomplished all that.

DH also wanted me to stop at Burger King to get him one of those super duper fatening new Chicken Sandwiches.  Guess what I had????  Nothing!  Nothing even appealed to me on their menu except for the Garden Burger and I refuse to pay $2.50 for that when I can go to the store and buy and entire box for about the same price.

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What a great community of friends!

I get so many nice comments on my Posts and I’d like to thank you all for keeping me going!  I read everyones comments and try to post back in the comments but sometimes I’m not sure if anyone comes back to read them.  So I just wanted to post here and let you all know that your kind words of encouragement really inspire me and help me keep going!

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Getting through another day.

I did OK today.  I’m off work on Thursday, so it’s a little easier to pick 🙁 but I kept track of everything and am still at 1400 cal.  I just completed 11:18 on the elliptical, so I’m extremely proud.  I used to get frustrated because I wasn’t able to stay on the machine as long as I liked but then I realized that I was trying to go way too fast for a newbie and needed to slow it down a bit and slowly ease into going faster.  What also helps is I wear my MP3 player and after each song I pause for just a moment before I turn the next song on.  My heart rate is still up but it’s enough of a pause to give my legs a break.

UPDATE:  Did my nightly walk with my son, did 10 min.  It’s not a lot but what’s nice is it’s partly uphill so that helps a lot!

UPDATE:  My son wanted to walk around the block again!  Yeah for him!  So today was over 31 min of exercise.  Fanstastic!

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Down another pound!

Now down to 221!  Yeah! 

I did 9 straight min on the elliptical (which is a minor miracle for me!) and walked 10 min w/my son today so that was great! 

I’m so close to getting under 220, I can’t wait.  DH was laid off for awhile and just got back to work, so it’s been much easier making healthy meals.  LOL, it’s hard to buy lean meat, broccoli, and cabbage when you got a little one who only eats spaghetti o’s and hot dogs! 

I noticed my jeans are fitting better.  Before they fit BUT when I’d sit down they were a little snug around the belly.  Now I can sit down comfortably and not get the squishy belly thing…as much! 

I’m really dreaming about getting back to 200.  Gosh getting under that is like a magic number.  I don’t care if I’m 199.99999 as long as it’s under 200!

The lowest weight I was ever at was like 185lbs and I felt great.  If I could get back to that I’d have it made.  I know I can do it.  I just want to keep reminding myself that this is not a race.  The fastest loser isn’t the winner, it’s the one who keeps it off, and I want to be the one who keeps it off!

I also realized something today, I noticed my fats were just way to high, and I think that’s why my weight loss has been stalled.  I finally realized when making things such as salads, sandwiches, etc. I was using both cheese and low fat salad dressing.  I don’t eat low fat cheese so I was trying to keep the servings down to 1/8-1/4 cup but that coupled with the low fat salad dressing was just too much especiallys since I like ranch based dressings.  So today I chose one or the other at each meal, and my calories are way down and so is my fat consumption.  Yes!  I may have to switch to lower fat cheese but for now I’ll just choose between the two.

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I could have done worse.

We had a potluck at work on Sunday.  Let’s see I made Peanut butter pie (I did make it with 1/3 less fat cream cheese), my friends made Hawaain Keilbasa, Halushki, Pasta Salad, Lasagna, Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Green Bean Casserole and probably some other things I’m forgetting about.  Well as you can see from the menu we had a high fat carb laden time!  Well I can’t lie and say I didn’t eat because I did, but I did make a great effort to only have a little dab of everything.  I even made sure to cut my pie into 12 tiny pieces rather than the usual 8 full sized servings!  I shouldn’t of ate but I tried to be very smart about it.

I weighed myself this morning after the fact (yes DH fixed the scale) and am still at 222 so not too much damage was done!

I also walked 30 min today and just did 7 min on the elliptical and would like to get another session in.

UPDATE:  Just walked 10 min w/my son!

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I didn’t know how much I’d miss my scale!  DH said it just needs new batteries.  Umm…I hope so!  LOL I didn’t mention thoroughly cleaning the top of it with cleaner and maybe getting it a bit too wet……it’s possible though that when it reset itself and the clock started flashing that I didn’t notice it right away and it could have run the batteries dead.  It takes two lithium batteries so we shall see how much those cost.  Till then I can rely on my pants getting looser to continue motivating me!

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Broke My Scale!

I leave my scale in the kitchen and with dogs and kitchen spills the surface was filthy so I cleaned it last night.  Uh oh, it suddenly reset itself and the clock feature was flashing on it (like an alarm clock!).  Well I tried reseting the clock but none of the buttons would work.  I was afraid of the batteries going dead so I pulled one of them out.  Well, now NOTHING comes up on the display!  Argghhh!  I tried it again this morning and still not working.  I’ll probably end up buying a new one.  “Sigh” I’d rather spend my money on some healthy food not a scale.

I did well yesterday. I was off work so spent the day with my son.  I drug him outside and took him for a walk.  It was just around the block but we did 8 min.  I then did some exercises on my elliptical totaling 12 min.  So altogether yesterday I squeezed in 20 min.  Exercising has been harder for me lately.  It’s like I can’t get over this hump.  I know if I keep working at it my energy level will go up and I’ll get the toner body I’m craving.

I watch an episode of Extreme Makeover secrets revealed and listened to Michael Thurman.  I loved the things he discussed, such as how to get rid of that jiggle behind your arms and that you don’t need to do high intense workouts, that walking for cardio and tensing muscles is great for toning.  I TIVO’d it so I’ll be watching it again and jotting down notes.

UPDATE:  Walked 30 min today.  Did really good with my eating and exercising.  I’m planning on exercising more tonight too.  It’s so hard in this heat and humitity.  I sure wish we had AC in the house!

2nd UPDATE:  Did another 16 min 12 sec of exerciese.  So did a total of 42 min. I should shoot for a full hour but sometimes it’s hard to squeeze it in here and there, so I’m proud of what I do!  I figure as I lose weight I will hopefully be able to increase exercise as it gets easier.

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