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Another Good Day

I just completed 12 min on the elliptical.  I then went for a walk with my son for 10 min, so that’s great!  Later tonight I’d like to listen to some music and do some stretches.  Does anyone know how to tone upper legs? 

I’ve also done a great job at keeping my eating under control.  I’ve noticed since I’ve passed this plateau I seem to be getting fuller on less food.  I’m going to recalcute my caloreis based on my height and weight (haven’t done that since I was at my highest weight 251).  I’ll probably still eat about the same sine I really don’t want to go too much below 1500 cal unless I hit a major plateau and even then I won’t go lower than 1200.

I had fun trying on some old pants today.  Now I’m already wearing a sz 18 and the old ones I was trying on were also 18’s BUT they ran small.  I can put them up to my current pants and they are at least a full inch smaller around the waist (go figure) but anyway, they are still a bit too snug around the waist to wear to work for an 8 hr day but I tink I’m ready to wear them out for casual trips to the store.  I also found a pair of shoes that used to rub my feet and now they seem to be OK 🙂 Now don’t laugh but they are “granny” type shoes with a clunky heel and lace up on the top.  I have to say, I’m a girl of the 90’s when big clunky shoes were all the rage and I honestly have not left that love behind.  Even when I’m thin (notice I say WHEN not IF) I’l still be a big girl at 5’10” and unfortunatly itty bitty sandles just don’t cut if for me.  I’m hoping some day my stye of shoes come back in style so I can go crazy and buy some!!!!


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