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What does Picky really mean?

I told my DH last night I was in a “picky” mood.  For me this means I’m picking and and snacking on foods I shouldn’t be.  Sorry 🙁 I snacked more than I should have yesterday.

Well on the other end of the coin, my son is “picky”.  For him this means he eats like a bird, doesn’t like everything green, and many times when I announce what’s for dinner I hear “Ewwww….”

It would be great if I could find a balance between the two!

Well anyway, I didn’t really go over my calores but eating a spoonful of icing was not good.  And yes, I did add it to my Fitday.  Today is brand new though and I’ve already made plans to do better.  I made a pot of homemade Vege Soup last night and had a bowl this morning for breakfast.  I feel good today and no everything will turn out great!

UPDATE:  Walked 14 min and completed 4 min on the elliptical.  I also discovered something new that I think I’m really gonna love.  Went to Linda’s Low Carb Site and finally made her “Faux Rice”.  Wow!!!  For anyone who misses carbs such as rice give this a try!  I am really in love with this and when you figure how many calories and carbs are in real rice you’re really saving a lot!  I also have a hard time digesting carbs so it was great to be full but not feel sick.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  just did another 5 min on the elliptical.  I was wondering why I couldn’t stay on as much when I realized I was going faster.  Normally 59 rpms is my absolute limit but this time I was going between 61-62 rpms.  OK it’s not a lot more but increasing my speed is definetly a good thing!

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Can’t wait for Spring

The weather was nice today, if a little windy.  I walked 34 min today.  My buddy Denise and I like to walk together.  She’s a great walking buddy because she likes to “hoof” it like me.  We speed walk around the outside of our local mall.  I’m lucky to have a great walking partner.

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