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Another Good Day

I walked 35 min today and just did 8.5 min straight on the elliptical.  So for the elliptical I am now goind 4x’s as many min as I could in the beginning!  I ate 1600 calories for today so that’s in my range.

Walked w/my buddy Denise today.  She walks the same pace as me so it’s great to walk w/her.  LOL, people complain that I walk to fast when I’m doing stuff at work, but I’ve learned to walk at a brisk pace and I don’t plan on stopping.  Dontcha just hate it when people are pokey?!  Unfortunaetly, I have little patience for people who move at a snails pace 🙂 Oh well I haven’t always been a power walker so I guess I need to learn patience and just keep walking around them!


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