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Bad Day

I planned on going to the grocery store because I was running out of supplies when I received my car insurance info for the next 6 mths and flipped when I realized all my info was wrong!!!  Spent better part of 3 hrs calling this number that number trying to straighten everything out.  By then DH had to leave for work and I was SOL 🙂 So what did I do??? Instead of trying to make the best of the situation I ate a bowl of mac n cheese!  Like a full cup which would be 560 cals alone per the box!  I then picked at some Pringles and my son’s Cereal Straws!  I probably didn’t do as bad as I’m thinking but I knew I had to come her and post and hold myself accountable for what I did. 

I just completed 5 min on the elliptical.  I’m shooting for 10 more min to give me the minimum for the day.  I also have a game plan for tomorrow.  I’m going to get my groceries and start a brand new day!  I just can’t cry about today but I also realize that I can’t keep making excuses for each day.  I have to try my best to treat each day as a gift and a brand new opportunity to eat well and exercise!

UPDATE:  Did another 5 min on the elliptical!


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