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All time new record!

For the past few weeks I’ve only managed anywhere from 4-6 min at a time on the elliptical.  Well, I just completed 9 min in a row!!!!  I decided to use a different tactic.  Normally I watch TV as I use the machine and generally the shows keep me interested enough to forget the burn and keep going.  Well, I just downloaded some new songs on my MP3 player and decided to listen to it instead.  Awesome, most songs run anywhere from 3-6 min and I kind of got it in my head to do at least 2 songs in a row.  Well the upbeat music really seemed to keep me going and I was able to do 9 min this time!  Now I wont’ get discouraged if I do less the next time around, because basically even doing it just this one time proves to me THAT I CAN DO IT!!!!! 

I’m not trying to sound vain but I put on a t-shirt the other day that used to be snug.  Well it’s still a little tight here and there but overall looks nicer.  Best part is, I suddenly noticed I’m regaining definition in my waist.  Now I’m nowhere near an hourglass figure but I’m getting there!

My weight has been remaining steady.  I’m used to plateaus so I try not to worry about the numbers too much.  I know it’s hard NOT to think about them but I just keep reminding myself that my clothes are fitting better and let them inspire me each day.

Oh, DH watched me exercise the other day and he started teasing that my butt looked good.  I shot back “I know I know I look bad from behind but you don’t have to rub it in”.  He looked at me in suprise and said “But I’m serious I can really tell a difference you’re toning up really nice back there!” 🙂 LOL I’ve been heavy for so long I can’t even recognize a compliment!

UPDATE:  Just did 5 min on the elliptical.  Total so far 14 min!


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