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Did I develop a habit yet.  No, but I’m getting there 🙂  Today I felt hungrier than usual.  I think this was due in part to eating under my normal 1800 calories yesterday.  I snacked on some Honey Nut Cheerios.  Not the best snack but better than eating chips or a candy bar.  My biggest issue with cereal is of course the carbs.  The more carbs I eat the more my body craves them so I really need to watch.

Well hubby and I got our Eliptical together.  Gosh, I can only do about 2 min at a time!  Good news though  is that I really feel it working my whole body.  So far I’ve done 6 min (did 3 short 2 min sessions).  I asked DH if he was ready to do it and he said he’s afraid he’ll do even less than 2 min.  My opinion-doesn’t matter how MUCH or how LITTLE you do, just DO IT!!!!!  My goal is still at least 15 min per day so I still have some more workouts ahead for me.

I found a new product yesterday–Jonathan’s Lavash Bread.  I really like it.  It’s a rectangle shaped wrap that really flexible and soft.  Has wheat and oat so the taste is really good.  The best thing is it’s low carb and only has 50 cal in a 1/2 sheet–which is a really big sheet.  It’s a little pricy at 2.00 for 4 full sheets (8 servings) but hey I think I’m worth 2.00!!!!!

Well, off to exercise some more!!!!!

UPDATE:  I’m up to 10 min on the Elliptical!  LOL it’s only taken all day and I still have 5 more minutes to go.

2ND UPDATE:  I’m up to 12 min total!  Gosh this is hard!

3RD UPDATE:  Total 14 min! 

4TH UPDDATE:  Yeah I did 16 min!  Might be more to come-ya never know?!

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21 days?

Is it true that it takes 21 days to form a habit and stick w/it?  If that’s the case then here’s my goal: 

For 21 days I need to post an entry here EVERY DAY.

For 21 days I need to keep my calories at/under 1800.

For 21 days I need to do at least 15 min of excersise at least 5 days a week.

I think these goals are obtainable.  When I eat 1800 calories of GOOD food each day I’m perfectly full (it’s when I eat garbage that I get hungry).  The 15 min of exercise can be anything as long as I’m moving.  Lastly, logging in here everday keeps me in check.  The minute I stop doing my Blog and stop visiting 3FatChicks I start to lose sight.  I CANNOT lose sight!

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How many times can I start over??? I guess just as many times as I need!

I’ve been doing OK, but lapsed a little for a little over a week now.  This Monday was a new starting point for me.  First off DH and I decided to buy an Elipitcal.  I was leaning more towards an exercise bike because I think I might stick to it better but don’t think I’d get as good as overall workout as w/the eliptical.  In the end I decided to let DH have his way because seriously exercise bikes are SO cheap now I may pick one up anyway in the next week or two.

I shopped a few days ago and bought some good healthy foods.  I’m just so anxious to get back into that good eating mode again.  I’ve doc’d my progress for the past two days and have kept things under 1800 for each day. 

I just remind myself that each day is a brand new start full of new challenges that I must face.  I’m determined though that I have to stick with this!  I am determined to be at or under 200 by spring/summer!!!!

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