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Exciting news! September 15, 2012

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Well,I know I haven’t blogged in a while,I don’t think I many of my regular blog followers are really active anymore either. That’s alright. I found out on Monday that I am pregnant. Very exciting as we have been tryin for almost a year,with one miscarriage prior to this pregnancy. I’m hopin and praying this pregnancy sticks! I did lose weight this week. About 3 pounds. I’m not tryin to. I think I need to adjust my WW points for maintainance. As I’m still loosely following my regular daily points value. I’m not gonna try to lose weight while pregnant. So I’m gonna adjust my points and just use it as a guideline. I’ve worked way to hard to lose these 85 pounds,to just gain it all back while pregnant. I asked my dr about following WW and she didn’t have much advice. Sooooo I’m gonna do some research and figure out my own plan!


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