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Someone kick me in the pants! July 4, 2012

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So….. Since I’ve been slacking I have gained 3 pounds,yup….. 208. When I stepped on the scale after family cabin weekend,the scale read 213! Holy crap! Thankfully that went down to 208 by the next day,and has stayed there. Why WHY????????? Do I do this. This is my biggest downslide since starting this all in September. I also think my downslide into purging again has caused this gain. Viscious cycle! Throwing up has never ever been productive…. EVER! It always leads me to weight gain not loss. It slows my metabolism,and when I do not throw up after having done so periodically,my body holds on to every single calorie and fat gram it can. If I know All this… Why do I still do it? I had to fight hard not to do it today.i have eaten exceptionally healthy today. Filled up on a ton of veggies today. But….. I’m full so I want to get rid of the food! Argh! I need to smarten up!


2 Responses to “Someone kick me in the pants!”

  1. Little Miss M. Says:

    Hi there! It’s hard to break a vicious cycle. You are doing it slowly… don’t give up! Persistence is key. Keep going, one day at a time, and you get there!! It’s SO great that you ate healthy today. Yay! Try to focus on the positive – and do your best not to purge. Your best isn’t always perfect, and that’s okay. Just keep trying. Best of luck, girl. Xox. M.

  2. armywife10 Says:

    I used to purge! One day I woke up and just stopped. Now I should have stopped bingeing… I haven’t figured that one out yet but I can tell you that just one day I woke up and it felt gross. It felt wrong. I didn’t like how I felt after. The tears I would cry and the shame I would feel. I just decided I wouldn’t do it anymore and in 4 years I can literally count how many times I have purged on one hand…
    Besides, if you are full on veggies then you are probably burning more calories than you are taking in. <3

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