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What is wrong with me? June 28, 2012

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I seriously have lost all motivation. I’m just 5 pounds away from being under 200 pounds,an I’ve totally stopped all motivation. I haven’t gained anything. But I haven’t lost anything either. I’ve been out in way to many situations where I am not in control of what is being made,therefore I don’t have control about what it is that I am putting in my mouth. Portion control…. Well,I used to have that will power,but it seems to have left me. This weekend is family cabin weekend. That is just an eat fest. I honestly think this pending weekend is what has caused my stand still. I’m anticipating not having control and over eating,so why try now,when I know I will just gain it back after this weekend. My goal is to start completely fresh next week. Hopefully I can jump start this weightloss again. And jump start my motivation.


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  1. elaina Says:

    Try and think of, constantly, how great you’d feel if you come out after the family weekend in control? Pay 100% attention to how you feel and stop when you’re satisfied — not full. I know how hard it is to pass up all the yummy stuff. We eat as if we’ll never get to experience that binging ever again…but we will get to see another cookie/cake/etc. another day…just not this weekend. Keep that in your mind. Good luck! And focus on losing ONE more pound…don’t overwhelm yourself.

  2. lovejenara Says:

    🙁 don’t be discouraged. I’m at the same exact weight. I’m in the bed soo hungry right now (lol) but I know in order for me to reach my goal, I must stay disciplined! If you have Internet, check out Extreme Makeover weight loss edition. It really helped me get back on track. Take it day by day and in your most frustrating moments push the hardest. Be proud of rudely and keep pushing no matter what!!

  3. dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

    Girl I hear ya when you get to a certain point its like SABOTAGE 100%. I’m not sure why we do it. Maybe we just become comfortable with ourselves at a certain point that if we push forward we fear change…and who knows once we drop the weight what else will change. I completely sabotaged myself yesterday oh I’m going to workout…so it’s okay if I eat 2100 calories..when the reality is the workout didn’t happen and I over ate…

    I think we can do this! We just need to kick that wall we have in front of us that keeps stoping us…

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