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Good day folks June 21, 2012

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Well I weighed in at 206 again today. Which is fine. I really haven’t eaten that great lately. Not sure how I’m still losing. I guess I never really eat BAD if I do it’s usually one meal and that’s it. I’m thinking once I hit mainitance this is how I will eat. One cheat meal a week. The rest of my meals relatively healthy. I wish I was maintaining right now. I’m tired of trying to lose constantly. I’m still motivated,don’t get me wrong. Especially since I am so close to the 100’s. That will probably take me a while though. This weekend there are all sorts of activities going on. And the weekend after that is family cabin weekend. Which consists of food all day long. Not healthy food. All bad for you food. And it’s all delicious. I guess I will just have to exercise portion control. If its hot and nice we will be swimming in the lake all day. So that at least burns calories. I honestly thought that summer would be easier to eat healthier than winter. Boy was I wrong!!!!!! The amount of bbq’s I have been to already are insane! I have a massive weakness for hot dogs and chips. Especially chips. It’s my biggest weakness! Oh well. I’m still slowly losing. So whatever I’m doing is working!


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  1. susana Says:

    Yeah, chips are a killer. To me the safest thing is not to even try one. Avoiding the first one is easier than avoiding the second one…
    I would make fruit salad for those bbq’s… The rest of the family could take it with ice cream, and you just eat the fruit…

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