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Doing well! March 27, 2012

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Well… My weight is still hovering around the same weight. Which is how my body flows these days apparently. I drop no weight for one week,then I drop a few pounds the next. Now that I actually realize how that’s how my body works,I am not so upset when I don’t lose weight one week. I also was not a good girl this weekend,so I expected it! I’m just so determined to reach my next ten bracket! It’s so exciting to reach your next ten pound goal! I feel like I broken record sometimes with my blogs. Lol but that’s ok,it’s still good to blog it out sometimes! I also have some good news!!! My husband and I finally found a house! We complete our financing today!!!! So exciting to have a house of our own! We’re so excited to renovate! My husband loves to fix things and build things. So he is very excited to fiddle around with everything! I’m excited we don’t have to live in a house with our pot dealing land lord. He lives in the basement and we live upstairs,and trust me,if we hadn’t been approved to buy a house,we certainly would’ve moved before he took ownership and moved in. As I had heard from people beforehand that he possibly was involved in illegal activity. We live in a small city… And I use the term city pretty loosely lol. So generally you always know someone who knows someone. So i would like to be out of that house before we get raided in the middle of the night one day. Haha. Anyways…. That’s all for now, hopefully I can blog comment soon! Would nice to be back in touch with some of you!


2 Responses to “Doing well!”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Congratulations on finding a house! I just closed on our house last August so I know how exciting it must be 🙂

    Good luck with everything.

  2. lyrical Says:

    Grats on the house! I can’t even imagine how excited you are to get out of where you are now with your sketchy landlord! And you don’t sound like a broken record, we each are our own harshest critics 🙂

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