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Whoa! March 31, 2012

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So I just went out on my second attempt to find pants. My first one wasn’t so successful. I fell in between sizes and nothin fit me. So another 15 pounds have gone since then and I had success today! I found pants. The crazy thing is,they are 6 sizes smaller than my Pants I have been wearing. This gives you an idea of how badly I needed pants! Lol I went from a size 24 to a size 18. In these particular pants that is. I’m sure in other styles I would be a 20 of not a 22. It’s weird how those pants sizes work. I’m not sure why there isn’t just universal sizing. Either way it’s pretty exciting to see a six pant size difference. I also need new shirts and stuff too. But we’re really trying to save money as we will be broke once we have to put our down payment down,and make our mortgage payments. So we’re trying to save as much as we can right now. However I am aware that I look completely ridiculous in most of the clothes I have now. But that’s ok. I can buy things in time. My new jeans make me look a lot thinner. Which I knew would happen. Mine were way too baggy. I’m still gonna have to wear them from time to time as I only have the one new pair,but that’s ok,since I’m only continuing to go down. So I don’t want to spend the money on a whole new wardrobe.


I think my blog is back to normal March 30, 2012

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I haven’t been kicked off in ages,and I can blog comment again! I don’t know if everyone’s is fixed. Buy once I finally got a message to 3fc it was cleared up almost immediately. So if some of you are still having problems,e mail them at [email protected] I noticed that lots of the regular blogs I read haven’t been coming up! Jewelz I’m looking at you!!!! If you read this,I hope you can blog again soon!!! Weight is still the same. I’m sure it will be down tomorrow,Saturday is always low. I should just wait till Saturdays to weigh in. But I’m obsessed with the scale,so I know that won’t happen. But it would be nice if I had that control! I’m going to try my best to eat very well his weekend. For like a month every Saturday has been about food. Not purposely,but it has just turned out that way. So nothing but good eats this weekend. I need to get to the 2-teens!!!! I have noticed that I’m a lot more hungry than I normally am. Thankfully my self control has been reall good. I don want to starve myself. So I might have some fruit if I’m hungry. But I don’t find fruit to be filling. Maybe it’s time to revise what I’m eating. If I’m this hungry all the time,it’s time to switch things up a little.


Doing well! March 27, 2012

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Well… My weight is still hovering around the same weight. Which is how my body flows these days apparently. I drop no weight for one week,then I drop a few pounds the next. Now that I actually realize how that’s how my body works,I am not so upset when I don’t lose weight one week. I also was not a good girl this weekend,so I expected it! I’m just so determined to reach my next ten bracket! It’s so exciting to reach your next ten pound goal! I feel like I broken record sometimes with my blogs. Lol but that’s ok,it’s still good to blog it out sometimes! I also have some good news!!! My husband and I finally found a house! We complete our financing today!!!! So exciting to have a house of our own! We’re so excited to renovate! My husband loves to fix things and build things. So he is very excited to fiddle around with everything! I’m excited we don’t have to live in a house with our pot dealing land lord. He lives in the basement and we live upstairs,and trust me,if we hadn’t been approved to buy a house,we certainly would’ve moved before he took ownership and moved in. As I had heard from people beforehand that he possibly was involved in illegal activity. We live in a small city… And I use the term city pretty loosely lol. So generally you always know someone who knows someone. So i would like to be out of that house before we get raided in the middle of the night one day. Haha. Anyways…. That’s all for now, hopefully I can blog comment soon! Would nice to be back in touch with some of you!


To those of you with site issues! March 25, 2012

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I posted in the forum and a moderator posted the e mail address where we can send in the issues we’ve been having. As I know for myself and others we haven’t been able to use the contact us link. So if your having site issues LET THEM KNOW! [email protected] hopefully now that they are aware of these issues the site can get fixed! On the weight front,I have had 2 morning weigh ins in a row of 223!!! So close to getting to the 2- teens! I ate horribly last night,so I’m assuming that will catch up to me this week. If not from the calories,then for sure from all the sodium. I probably stayed within bonus points. But I can’t see my eating choices not affecting me within the next day or two! Fingers crossed I can lose these 3 pounds this week and keep on track with losing ten pounds a month!


Really 3fc ? March 23, 2012

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Seriously,this site needs to get fixed!!!! I hate not commenting on blogs! I think those of us who are having issues have been more than patient with this problem. People are going to be leaving in droves if this keeps up. I love this site as my outlet to discuss my weightloss,and to comment and support others. I would hate to jump ship. But it seems many people are thinking of doing so,and I may follow suit! Things are going well on the weight front. Still hovering around 224-225 of I can lose 5 pounds again in this next week I’m still on track with 10 pounds a month! Which is actually pretty impressive that despite a couple of plateaus I’ve still managed to average 10 pounds a month. At the end of this month it will be 6 months since I started my weightloss journey. It really hasn’t seemed that long. This is certainly the longest I have stuck with losing weight and it’s paid off. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body this past week. My belly is my major problem area. I was worried my belly would always hang down,since it looked like that area wasn’t moving or changing in anyway. I noticed in the mirror the other day that it has very visibly raised and gotten smaller. This is exciting as this is the first time I’ve seen a difference in that area. I still have a long ways to go. But I’m glad I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I also started noticing my collar bone. Which is exciting! An another exciting note,we put an offer on on a house yesterday,and we are anxiously awaiting whether or not our offer has been accepted!!! Its a very old outdated house,with loads of potential! We’re very excited to renovate! Well the husband is very excited to renovate. He loves this kind of thing! Fingers crossed that our offer gets accepted!


A great realization today March 20, 2012

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First off my weight today was at 224.4 this held true even after I ate lunch and drank coffee and water! I’m not holding on to hope that that will stay. But yesterday I was 227. So that’s super awesome!!! My goal was 225 by the end of the week. So I surpassed that already. My realization today was I’m not the fattest person in the room all the time anymore. I was sitting through a boring first aid course,I was lookin around at everyone and there were 3 other women in that room who were bigger than me. Hooray for being 4th fattest. Lol. 6 months ago,I would’ve been the second heaviest person in that room. I have noticed this in other situations too. Where i’m not the obvious fat one. Don’t get me wrong 224 is still heavy. But it is a lot better than the 280 I used to be at. I really can’t wait to be in the 2 teens! That will be exciting. I think when I hit the 2 teens I need to try shopping for pants again. My last attempt was horrible. Fell in between sizes and couldn’t find anything. That was around the 40 pound mark. I’m now at 56 pounds down and I think by 60 pounds down I should fit into something properly!!!! Maybe this was the whole reason for my recent miscarriage. Maybe I just really needed more time to lose more weight and really feel comfortable with myself. Even when I found out I was pregnant. I was afraid I wouldn’t actually show. And that my belly size would hinder finding proper maternity pants and maybe even hinder an ultra sound. I want to be healthy when I get pregnant next. If I continue to lose weight,it is only going to improve my health and the baby.


My weight is back to normal March 19, 2012

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My weight was back to normal this morning. I had gone up about three pounds last week. I know it was all bloating. I believe my body is going back to normal that is great! Weight this morning was 227.5 now,I would really like to see 225 at some point this week. My weekends haven’t been that great with eating. It’s getting so nice outside,for some reason this means getting together with friends and drinking,and eating. Not to mention,camping season is around the corner. My camping diet consists of hotdogs and chips. It’s easy and cheap. I’m gonna have to re-evaluate that if we do any sort of camping this season. I’m assuming we won’t do as much as we usually do,as we’re trying to save all of our money! But,come nice weather,my husband works really long hours,and his paychecks are way bigger. So,we can afford more during spring and summer. We are generally really good at saving money. I’m hoping if we don’t find a house over summer,that we just save that much more money so we can have a better down payment. My husband has a company truck now,we figured out hat that will save us between 400-500 dollars a month. So we should see a huge difference in our bank account next month! Anyway,that’s all for now. Except,if any of you are able to send a message to 3fc letting them know some of us can’t comment on blogs,or can’t sign in. That would be great. It won’t even let me send a message to them. This needs to be fixed!!!!!


Thanks jewelz! March 18, 2012

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Thanks jewelz! I knew you were still reading,but unable to comment! So frustrating!!!! This has been going on for a while now on this site and it’s time they fixed it! Congrats on your 190.5!!!! That’s awesome! So close to the 180’s! I’m getting back on my regular eating routine this week. I’ve been still following it,but not as rigid. Hope this problem gets fixed soon so we can continue our blogging and commenting as normal. The funny thing is,I tried to contact 3fc but it didn’t even allow me to complain!! Haha!


Good thing I’m not an emotional eater March 16, 2012

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Due to my recent miscarriage it’s needless to say I have had a number of different emotions. Wednesday was worry and anxiety and acceptance. Yesterday wasn’t so bad I was feeling ok other than the constant reminder every time I went to the bathroom. Today has been a little bit of denial. Which is strange since I knew immediately that this pregnancy was over. Of course google is always at our fingertips. There are a ton of stories from people who had my same experience but had a healthy pregnancy. Although I rationally know that it is very unlikely. I’m so glad I don’t deal with emotions by eating. Or I would be way off this wagon. I havent lost weight in a while. Which was probably cause I was pregnant and now I’m bloating and things need to settle and get back to normal. I think that’s all I’m waiting for. I just want my body to get back to normal and continue on with my life.its also tough to wait for the blood results from the dr. I know I’m not pregnant anymore but until you hear the real results I think you always have a little bit of hope. I’m really moody today. I’m not really sad or angry. I’m just off and don’t feel like seeing anyone. Lol I’m kinda like this when I’m on my period. I feel like I’m having a really bad bout of pms. I’m also annoyed with this site right now! I hate not being able to comment on blogs! I hope they fix that soon!!! I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Rough week. March 15, 2012

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So I miscarried yesterday morning. I was still very early on the pregnancy,and the positive I’m taking from it is that at least I know we can conceive! So that’s a plus. It also gives me time to lose more weight before getting pregnant again. I’m somewhat comfortable at the weight I am,but would feel better being 10-15 pounds lighter. It was still a rough experience. The cramps were EXCRUTIATING! I actually blacked out. I was still conscious but couldn’t see anything. I had to crawl my way to the couch. I then called my husband to come home,as I was freaked out! I threw up a few times and waited out the pain. I went to the E.R later to get checked out. All they did was take blood,which is an ordeal in and of itself. I’m impossible to get blood from. And I almost blacked out then as well. It took them over an hour to get blood from me. So ridiculous. I swear I don’t have veins! Anyways,life goes on despite These hard bumps in the road,and we will just live our lives and continue tryin for a baby!


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