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Maybe it’s true! February 29, 2012

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I think I have actually gone down to 231. I weighed myself yesterday when I got home. And this morning,and my weight was the same. Now…. To not allow it to go back up! It seems my weight elevates by Friday and stays that way for a while. This weekend will be a little tougher than most. We’re going on a date with another couple this weekend. We are planning on going out for dinner. It might not be so bad,as we talked about going to a place called the un burger. Apparently they have all sorts of different burgers,made with meats such as elk,deer,bison,chicken and turkey. All ingredients are organic. Elk and bison are some of the leanest meats you can eat. It always worries me when I go someplace new. In Canada,you don’t have to list ingredients or nutritional information for restaurants. Which is why I usually stick to big chain restaurants,cause they have nutritional information. But… Sometimes I you ask,these independent places do carry nutritional information. I will look online! And with a date comes alcohol. This couple is coming down afterwards,we will be having drinks of the alcohol variety. So I need to be mindful of that. I’m hoping I make good choices this weekend!


I don’t want to get my hopes up!!!! February 28, 2012

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Like the title says…. I don’t want to get my hopes up,but I stepped on the scale this morning and -drum roll- 231.2 ok.. This is a big jump from yesterday’s 234. So I don’t quite believe it. This seems to be my body’s new rythem. I lose big one day,then I go up a pound or 2 and it sits there for a week,then I lose big overnight. I was very excited to see that number. Only 1.2 lbs until I have officially lost 50 pounds. I undermine that number a lot. I really don’t feel that different. Because I don’t feel different,I don’t think I realize how big of an accomplishment this actually is. I was 280 at the beginning. The health benefits that I don’t realize,are probably enough to add years to my life. I need to be more proud of this. I feel like,because it’s been so gradual,I have just adjusted. For the most part,my new eating patterns are not an issue. Don’t get me wrong,there are days a want to eat junk. And I do… But in moderation. I am going to be so pumped when I finally see the 220’s.


Up up up…. Maybe? February 27, 2012

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Lol weird title I know. My weight was up to 234 this morning. However,when I got to work this morning,I had a very large,bowel movement. I know I know TMI! But pooping is a huge part of your life… So deal with it,or move right along! Lol. I don’t have a scale at work so I don’t know If my weight changed,but I’m positive I’m back down to 233 now. I’m hoping this is the week I hit the 220’s. I’m getting a little annoyed of getting so close,then gaining etc. I might slightly adjust my WW points this week. Maybe just by 3 points. That is roughly 150 calories less a day. However,I often don’t eat all my points in a day anyways. I don’t do that on purpose,it just kind of works out that way. I get 39 points in a day. I mostly don’t need that much. Maybe if put it down to 36 I will be more careful on weekends. Although this weekend I barely even used bonus points. My days were planned very well. I don’t feel like I’m really denying myself anything,or that I’m eating to little. I’m eating properly. But maybe lowering my points a tad will help. Who knows. Just gotta keep going. I’ve come way to far to give up!


Well…. February 26, 2012

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Well… It’s been a week since I saw 232 on that scale,and I still have yet to see tht number again. I’m sitting pretty at 233. I have been super awesome at keeping in points,and eating breakfast,and exercising. So I should see the fruits of my labor pretty soon. I haven’t had a binge day yet this week. I normally lose after a binge day (within reason) maybe today will be a binge day. I haven’t used any of my bonus points at all yet. But I have been using most of my daily points. So no,I have not been starving myself! I’m trying not to get obsessed with number on the scale again. The last time I didn’t lose anything. I certainly went down the old starvation road. I didn’t feel starved,but my body was not getting what it needed. So maybe a bit of a “cheat day” will do me some good. All I ask Is that I hit the 220’s. Is that really to much to ask?! I don’t think so! Anyway… I shall keep you posted! Happy Sunday!


Movement. February 23, 2012

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Well I’m back down a pound. This process is painstakingly slow. I lose 4 I gain 2,I lose one I gain one,then lose 2 more. Thursday and Saturday are always my best weight days. I’m guessing,I’m learning how my body really fluctuates. I am just longing for the 220’s and I’m so close I can taste it!!!!!! I know I eventually will make it there. It just seems to be taking a while. What I need to do,is stop weighing daily. I just can’t stop doing it! The scale has this crazy hold over me. It sucks me in. I tell my self everyday not to weigh in. But I always do. I should really go back to my original plan of having my husband hide the scale until Thursday morning. That way I can only weigh in once a week. The problem with that is sometimes my weight is lower than others. If I weigh in and it’s higher or the same as the week before,I will be pissed. If I know my weight was lower at one point,then it’s likely I am just bloated for some reason. I have stopped weighing myself several times a day though,as that was just obsessive. So we shall see how it goes.


The scale wars… February 22, 2012

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Okay… So I thought I had broke through my plateau last week. I guess I was mistaken. I mean I still lost 2 pounds,which is fabulous! But I gained 2 pounds back from the 4 I initially lost. I wasn’t worried about it at first. Everyday this week,I step on that damn scale,and it has read 234,I miss the glorious number of 232. I’m hoping,I have the same thing happen this week,where all of a sudden over night I lose 4 pounds. We shall see! I’m not super discouraged yet. If that scale doesnt move the rest of the week,I will probably be pissed. Who am I kidding? I WILL be pissed! I just know,that I didn’t ingest enough calories to gain 2 pounds. On another note,the husband and I found a house that we LOVE! So we put in an offer on it,the next day,the seller took it off the market. REALLY????? That is the only house we have loved so far! We’re hoping to still negotiate something. Apparently they plan on putting it back on the market. So we are going to see if they are willing to maybe just extend the possession date,until they have there shit together. We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping we can work something out! If not,I guess it just wasn’t the home for us!


Up again February 19, 2012

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For 2 days straight,I weighed in at 232. Which was awesome. I wake up this morning and weigh in. Well i see…… 234.6 -sigh- I ate more yesterday than I should have,but I was still within my points range. So I logically know I didn’t eat enough in the last 24 hrs. Or this past week,to gain two and a half pounds. So I must be bloated or retaining water. We shall see how the scale moves tomorrow! I’m not discouraged. I will be if that number stays! But I don’t think it will! Anyways I hope your all having a good weekend!


Maybe it’s true! February 17, 2012

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Maybe I did finally break through this plateau for real! I was up half a pound this morning,but that is normal for me. I have a lot of fluctuations! I’m glad this morning,my scale confirmed,my weight has really really gone down! Yay! Now to not screw it up over the weekend would be a plus! It’s also a long weekend this weekend. I never do well with that extra day at home. When I’m at work,I’m routine,and I eat properly. When I’m home,Its more tempting to eat more poorly. I’m pretty motivated right now,so it should be fine! The husband and I are still looking for a house to buy. It’s getting slightly frustrating. The housing market is pretty expensive out here. You don’t get a lot for your money. We haven’t seen anything we love yet. Everything we’ve seen,is just not practicle for us. Especially,since we plan on having kids. I do have faith we will find the right house. It’s just taking some time!


GOODBYE!!!!! February 16, 2012

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I don’t want to get my hopes up,but I think I have finally broken through this stubborn plateau! Yesterday I was excited then discouraged when the scale changed. But,this morning,I weighed in at 233.9!!!!!!! That would be 4 pounds down from this time last week! Granted it has gone up and down up and down up and down. But it has gone down a tad more than normal this week. I think eating a little more this week,and adding protein to my breakfast has been the key. I don’t want to get my hopes up,as I know my weight will probably go up a little again. Which seems to be the pattern these days. I also finally had a bowel movement this morning,which I’m sure helped the weight go down. I would flip my lid,if I could be in the 220’s by next week. I know that is still a high number. But it seems like such a huge accomplishment from my start weight of 280. I am just that much closer to being in the one hundreds,which will probably make me cry. I still have a long way to go. But I never thought I would get this far,and onederland actually feels like a possibility now. I know that will come to a halt if I end up pregnant. But at least I know I CAN do this. I just hope that this really is the end of my plateau for now. I realize that I will face another one at some point. I just hope that this is the start of moving forward once again!


I think my scale is possessed February 15, 2012

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So I woke up at 6 this morning because I had to pee. I always weigh in after my first morning bathroom break. So I step on the scale and it reads 234.3 I was elated! That is the lowest the scale has gone,and I thought FINALLY! I have broken through this plateau and I am seeing some real movement! That’s a good 2 pound loss. So I go back to bed,wake up 2 hours later,had another tinkle,and stepped on the scale again,I just wanted to see that number again,because I was so excited! Well this time it reads 236.6 what the hell!? Needless to say this brought me down,big time! How can that even happen?! After I saw that first number,I was telling myself how much it was worth it to keep going,how good it felt to see that number,it gave me so much hope. I was thinking,only 4 more pounds and I will have lost 50 pounds,then I’m in my next ten pound weight bracket. Which always motivates me again.that all got pulled out from underneathe me,when I weighed the second time. Which I don’t normally do. I just wanted to see that glorious number again. However,I did realize today that I haven’t had a bowel movement in DAYS! This is probably playing a large part in the scale movement this week. I don’t think I have gone since Saturday. Which is very rare for me. I’m normally a 2-3 times a day kinda gal. Sorry if that’s TMI. But it’s a normal part of life! That low number had to be a sign of something right?!? So I just have to keep plugging along!


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