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Doing well! January 31, 2012

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So…I know it’s only Tuesday,but I’ve been doing very well this week,after my horrible binge weekend. I’m at 238 this morning. I would like to see that number down to 235 by the end of the week! A question for all you ladies…. So,my period is officially late today,the hubs and I have been trying for a baby. As much as this would be welcomed,I also worry a lot about weight gain. How have you ladies handled this? Now I don’t even know if im pregnant or not,my periods are weird anyway. But the thought of gaining all my weight back,really worries me. I’m thinking I could still loosely follow WW. Just as a guideline. If I take my regular points I’m allowed and Add a couple of points a day to make up for the extra calories a baby needs. I theoretically should maintain a somewhat healthy pregnancy weight. Now I wouldn’t be as ridged as I am now obviously. But I really need guidelines to not get out of hand with eating. Anyways I guess I will find out within the week if my period shows up or not! I’m thinking my period is just off this month. But who knows!? We could’ve gotten lucky on only our second try!


Oh geeze January 29, 2012

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Well this weekend was just full of really really bad choices! Friday was sensible,until a friend unexpectedly stopped by and we had many drinks,and he ordered pizza. So of course I ate some…. 4 pieces actually. Granted,very small slices of extremely thin pizza! Still…. A bad choice. So then Saturday comes around,the day started off alright but went to my brothers place to babysit my niece and he left us money for supper. So of course,the husband goes out and gets KFC. I had 2 pieces of chicken and some fries with gravy. Not a good choice. And that brings me to today,where I decided to eat a bunch of baked potato chips. Way better choice than regular chips….but still,I could’ve chosen not to eat them. Not sure what’s going on. I know my period is coming,but I usually have way better self control than this! I better be on my best behavior this week. Or this will bite me in the ass,if it hasn’t already!


How does this even happen? January 28, 2012

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So last night I binged,like I hadnt binged in months! For the most part,my self control has been awesome. So…. I step on the scale this morning and it reads 237. This is the first time the scale has moved all week. What the hell? I find it so weird that the day I eat poorly is the day I go down 2 pounds. I’m sure this won’t last,it’s probably already up from when I weighed myself. This sort of happened to me last weekend too. I broke down and ate something bad and lost weight. And it stayed at that weight all week until today where it went down 2 pounds. Don’t get me wrong,I’m glad that despite poor choices,I’m still losing weight. It also doesn’t make me fearful of gaining,which isn’t good. I need to keep in mind that this will not work if I continue to make these bad choices. One theory I have,is maybe I’m eating less points than I think I’m eating,on a normal good eating day. Which is allowing space in my day or the end of the week for this bad eating. I do often round up points. I never calculate points exactly I estimate. I know I sometimes estimate way to high. I’m just fearful of calculating it too low cause then I will gain weight. Anyways,I just find it really interesting that this has now happened to me 2 weeks In a row. I’m not complaining,I’m glad I’m still losing. I just don’t want to fall back into old habits.


I am ravenous January 27, 2012

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Seriously,I don’t recall the last time I’ve been this ravenous. I ate well all day. Then the evening came. I had a couple of drinks and I ate 4 slices ofpizza,some potato salad and left over supper. I honestly  don’t know why this happened today. This is going to completely set me back and I’m very very disappointed in myself, argh! Why did I do this ?!!!!!!!!!!!


The scale

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I really need to stop weighing myself daily. If I go a couple of days without out movement on the scale,I get annoyed. When in reality I still lost 2 pounds last week. But,in my mind I feel like I didn’t lose that much,cause it took all week to get to that point. The same thing is happening this week. The scale is not moving. But if this week follows the same pattern as last week,by Tuesday or Wednesday I should  be a pound or 2 down. When I first started WW I was losing weight a lot more rapidly. I think I’m having to adjust to the slower rate of loss.  In my mind I know all these things. But it still plagues me that I don’t see results everyday . Anyway…. I have a question,how do you use he forums?  It says I need to sign in,and I use my regular name and password that I use for the blogs,and it doesn’t work! So if anyone can tell me what I need to do for that…. That would be great.


The jean wars January 26, 2012

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So every fat person has there own personal struggle with finding the proper jeans. When you find a pair you like,you wear them until  they are stretched out,saggy and forming holes! Now,my jeans are definitely baggy on me after losing 40 pounds. But not so baggy that I can’t still wear them. My body shape sucks for any kind of jeans.  I have skinny skinny legs,a big belly and massive boobs. So,my issue with jeans is,if they fit in the waist,they are insanely baggy in the legs. If they fit in the legs,I can’t zip up the jeans all the way. This has happened to me for as long as I can remember. Honestly,I used to buy the jeans that fit in the legs,then only zip my jeans half the way. I got very good at figuring  out how to pull this off without anyone seeing the flaps where my jeans hung open. I look a thousand times better with jeans that fit my legs. The waist thing,no one has ever known my little secret or noticed. Then the day comes where these jeans that you have mastered wearing,has a zipper break,or they have holes. Then you frantically have to go to the store,and try to find a pair of jeans that work for you again. It’s stressful! In the las year I have found something that I like to call “I can’t believe their not jeans” they look like jeans,they feel like jeans with a little stretch fabric. But,they do not have a fly! They are tight enough that it sucks in my belly fat! No they are not maternity jeans. And no one can tell unless I inform them,that they are not actual jeans. I’m completely obsessed with them. I have never looked or felt this good in “jeans” ever! Now,I have lost this weight and it’s getting to the point where I almost can’t wear them anymore. The problem is,I can’t find them anymore. I bought them at a bargain store,and bought 2 pairs in 2 different sizes. I had to let the bigger ones go a while ago,now I am heading out of these jeans. The problem is,I know I’m still in the size where my stomach is to big for my legs. UGH! I’m dreading the day I have to find new jeans. I have other pairs that are similar,but they just don’t flatter me like these ones do. If I could,and it was socially acceptable,I would wear yoga pants all day everyday. I’m gonna be on the lookout for some new jeans. But I really am dreading it. I already know that it will be a bad bad day for me when I am forced to go jeans shopping!


Starting to get impatient January 25, 2012

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So for the past four months I have been on WW and I haven’t been super anxious about losing a ton of weight. I just kinda go with the flow. I find that recently I’ve become very anxious. I want to see that scale move everyday. It’s just not going fast enough. I’m not positive about what has caused this new feeling. Maybe I’m afraid of another plateau? Or my first theory is that I’m finally seeing physical results. I look in the mirror and my face is much thinner. I can tell in my hips and slightly in my belly that I’ve lost weight. I’m starting to look better. I think I’m anxious to start looking even better. To get to the point where I can buy new clothes and see a big difference in my pant size. Right now I can still somewhat fit into my same jeans. I’m anxious for those suckers to fall off one day because I’ve lost so much weight. I think i will really feel and see a huge difference in my next ten pounds. Maybe I just really am looking forward to feeling like I have accomplished something big!


Woo hoo! January 24, 2012

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Officially hit my next ten bracket this morning! I know I say this a lot,but it revives me every single time. I ended up not eatin too well yesterday. I couldn’t find my house keys yesterday and stupidly locked the door anyways. Well I didn’t think this would be a huge problem,as my husband generally gets home around five or five thirty,at this time of year. He also started work at 430 in the morning so I thought he would be home earlier. I was sadly mistaken,he worked till 915. So I ended up going to my friends house and we had a lovely dinner of hot dogs and chips! But I still had my weight go down today,so that’s excellent. I think jewelz mentioned in a previous blog of mine that eating poorly sometimes shocks the body. I think she is correct. It’s like the body gets completely used to all this portion control and healthier food. In the past if I had a diet slip up,I usually had a more successful week with weight loss. Clearly this won’t work all the time,but if a mess up once every couple of weeks it seems to be helpful! I don’t know whether or not there is science to back that theory. But it does seem to work for me. Even though I’m not purposely screwing up. It’s nice that it usually doesn’t derail my efforts completely!


That’s annoying

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I just wrote this huge long blog and it didn’t post. It just re posted my previous blog. That happens every time I use a computer to blog. Normally I use my iPhone. Does anyone else have this problem? Cause it’s super annoying


Officially 40 pounds down! January 23, 2012

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Finally! After a week of hardwork,the scale officially said 240.0 I’m exactly 40 pounds down. Now to eneter into my new 10 bracket. I only think ten pounds at a time. Sometimes my mind wanders and I think ahead. But the journey seems impossible if I do that. Even though I’m steady losing weight,I still have about 60-70 pounds to lose to be in a normal bmi. Just writing that down right now,seems impossible. So that is why I only think ten pounds at a time. If I didn’t I would be discouraged by now. My attitude is just so different than other times that I have attempted this weightloss. My mindset is in the right spot. I don’t set goals past ten pounds. I generally get less discouraged than I used to. I had a freak out this weekend,but those are to be expected from time to time. The biggest accomplishment out of all of this? Not purging anymore. I’ve spent years throwing up when I felt too full. This got me nowhere in my weightloss goals. I had heart burn a the time,I was sick all the time,my immune system was none existent. Nevermind the guilt of doing it. Now that I’m losing weight the healthy way,I don’t overeat like I used to,therefore no urge to purge! I have slipped up a couple of times. But it is certainly almost none existent. This is the biggest accomplishment of all. I don’t even want to think about the damage I have done to my body! On to the next ten pounds!


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