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A big accomplishment. September 30, 2011

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im so proud of myself. the boyfriend and i had pizza for supper today. my FAVORITE! I had one piece more than i should have and i was FULL! too full. this was obviously a mistake and not my accomplishment. I started to get that feeling. my head started swirling and i wanted that food OUT and NOW! i reasoned with myself. I was still within my points and that one slice of pizza is less detrimental to me than throwing it all up would be. i’ve always wondered why i have had no metabolism. im pretty sure purging is the reason for that. anyways…. I didn’t go throw up. I dealt with the fact that i felt full and decided i would be more careful about what i eat tomorrow. this may sound like a small victory. but im over two weeks now with no purging. and losing more weight than i ever have,when i was throwing up. i’ve never been an everyday purger. but,its definitely happened at LEAST once a week for a VERY long time. so my not throwing up after feeling full. is a big deal!


oh weekends

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weekends are bitter sweet! love that i don’t have to work. hate the eating temptations. its getting easier. im learning to control how much i eat. and savor every bite. I honestly think that is the key. slowly eat your food. savor the flavor of your food. I LOVE food. I love cooking it,i love the visual the tastes the textures everything. and my problem in the past was eating to fast. I have been teaching myself to put my fork down between bites. and chew slower. this technique has really worked for me. it lets me know when im actually full. before i would just eat until i was full. I didn’t wait in between until everything was digested. I would just keep eating until i couldn’t eat another bite. then i would feel full and that would result in purging. which is NOT good. im learning to really listen to my body. slow down and notice when im satisfied. not stuffed. therefore i don’t purge. im really enjoying not having to worry about feeling too full. its nice not to feel the need to purge afterwards.


guilty but victorious? September 29, 2011

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I have no clue whether that title makes sense or not. ha ha. but it does to me. so… thursdays are family dinner days my whole immediate family gets together and has dinner. I love it. they all know im on WW and they respect that. and i told my mom not to change anything. that she could make whatever she wanted. I have to be realistic and i will be faced with these situations on a regular basis. where there might be food i shouldn’t eat. anyways. I know i shouldn’t feel guilty today. I stayed within my points limit. but i felt like i ate to much. now,in the past this would mean that i would go to the bathroom and purge. as much as i REALLY REALLY wanted to. especially since i ate dessert. I did NOT purge. I haven’t done it in over 2 weeks. which is probably the longest i have gone in the last 3 years. as guilty as i felt feeling full today. I feel victorious that i made the decision NOT to purge.


day 2 week 2

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they say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I wonder if it works that way with food? I am slowly adapting to this new way of eating. being more aware of what i put in my body. but,there are still times where i want to eat that extra slice of pizza,or that extra handfull of chips. but its slowly getting less and less difficult. its becoming routine. I am an EXTREMELY routine person. so this structure is working very well for me thus far. im thinking the longer you stick with it,the easier is gets. I never ate horribly to begin with. but i did overdo it on weekends. that is certainly where i was sabatoging continuously. its still a struggle. but im hoping more time,will make my weekends easier.


I have one sweet fiance’ September 28, 2011

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seriously. the man im marrying is incredible. he just loves me for who i am. my weight has never mattered to him. he obviously knows that im on WW and im being very diligent with points etc. he went grocery shopping yesterday (without me even asking)while i was at my WW meeting. he came home with all sorts of healthy foods for me. lots of fruits and vegetables,lean meats. he even bought me rice crisps. since he knows my weakness is chips. he figured they would be a good alternative. im so glad that my boyfriend is behind me in my journey. he is just such a nice man!


2nd WW weigh in a success! September 27, 2011

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so… my goal was to lose 5 pounds…. well…. I lost 6.2 pounds this week. bringing my total to 9 pounds in 2 weeks! thats pretty incredible. im feeling really motivated and good about this right now. my goal for next week is 3 pounds. as i wanna be realistic. since i don’t think i will consistently lose six pounds. I don’t want to be let down next week when its not the same. so im setting my goal to 3 pounds. im so proud of myself right now!


2nd weigh in today

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so… today is my second WW weigh in. im nervous that i haven’t lost as much weight as i thought i have. last week i was done almost 3 pounds. im hoping for 5 this week. there is a part of me that doesn’t want to get my hopes up to high. as i had higher hopes for last week too,and i was really really down on myself afterwards. especially since im weighing myself on my scale at home too. and that scale is always less than the WW scale. so its a bit of a let down when it doesn’t match my scale at home. I really shouldn’t weigh myself at home i should just wait until weigh in. but im so curious about what im losing. either way… im hoping for a bigger loss this week than last! I will update again after i’ve weighed in.


feeling guilty. September 25, 2011

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I know i just wrote a blog prior,about how i don’t worry about my points etc… because i have so many bonus points. however,i used a couple bonus points today… and i seriously can’t stop beating myself up. I know that they are there for a reason. and that they are meant to be used. but this is the first time i have gone into them and it makes me feel guilty and that i sabatoged myself. I did so so so good this week… and now im feeling down. ugh… I hate my relationship with food and drink.


oh sundays

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so as some of you know. im on weight watchers. its going very well. the one thing i have noticed through this process is i save all my points for sundays. I don’t really try to do that. but,my weigh in and meetings are on tuesdays. I notice that come sunday. I usually haven’t used ANY bonus points. so i tend to just eat what i want on sundays. and you know what? its working for me. my first weigh in i lost almost 3 pounds. I have very high hopes,that this week,im going to lose at the VERY LEAST another 3 pounds. have been well under my points limit everyday this week. so to drink a couple glasses of pepsi on a sunday is a wonderful reward for my disciplin during the week! I love that i have all my bonus points still on sunday so i can pretty much eat without worry (within reason of course) it is a little bit of a struggle to make the right choices on fridays and saturdays. but its all worth it on sundays when i have the wiggle room to eat what i want!


weekends are my arch nemesis September 23, 2011

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so…. its friday… im so incredibly disciplined during the week with what i eat. and it doesn’t take alot of effort. the weekends however,is another story. fridays i want pizza! and i want pepsi. I can have these things. since i have many weight watchers points to use up. but im always paranoid of going overboard. since pizza is my favorite thing of all time. I also enjoy a couple of alcoholic beverages on the weekends. which adds up the points pretty quickly. I need to remember that i have a TON of bonus points and that is what they are there for. I guess im worried about feeling deprived maybe? which last week was my first week on weight watchers and i was paranoid about going over points. and i ate what i wanted on the weekend and still didn’t use a single bonus point. so i probably shouldn’t stress so much! my goal for weigh in is 5 pounds lost next week! so im being as good as possible.


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