Hello world! Must lean about foam rollers

December 28th, 2012 by unbalanced

So hi my name is miss unbalanced and due to the fact of my unbalancedness i have gained a good 20 pounds putting me in the category of obese. Seriously I have never been obese in my life but trying to juggle 2 jobs, a boyfriend, and my social life has put me over the edge. Oh did i mention that one of my jobs is at a small gym. I literaly have no excuse, well other than fatigue or “laziness”. Its probably more like laziness. Anyways since i work in a gym i have made it my mission to use this as an advantage, i mean i have 8 personal trainers at my disposal. Today I have discoverd an amazing thing its called the foam roller. Honestly its not ment fot exersise or lossing weight but it will dispose some of my excuess of my back hurts to my muscles hurt when i work out. The first time i used it i was super skeptical untill i heard pop pop pop. I guess my alignment on my back was off a little. After i had finished using it my whole body felt amazing like i had just had a deep tissue message. It gave me a feeling of I cant wait to work out so i can use it for when i strech and cool down. Well that is all today.