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so today was not so good i did nothing i planned on doing but hopefully tomorrow will be better last weekend i went out and bought some new walking shoes. im real excited to try them out i got the reebock easytones after reading the reviews i decided why not i would spend 99 dollars or more on jordans and they do nothing for my butt lol. so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and i will be able to finish clearing the army and go to the park and try out my new kicks well more tomorrow

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well here i am starting this never ending journey of losing weight. it seems since high school i have been doing this on again off again cycle. but i now need to get serious about it i just had a baby two months ago and she is my best accomplishment ever! i want to be happy with my body and lose the baby weight and just be happy again in my own skin. i am just getting out of the military and dont know what imma do and its just all a confusing mess lol. me and my hubby started walkin in the park, well i walk he runs but that is a start right

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