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Hello! Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday! OMG that week was long. But today… today is a new day! The boyfriend is coming home tonight, it is sunny outside for the first time of the week, I managed to get a appointment to the garage next week before I go back home, we’re going […]

30 Apr, 2012

Letting the control freak out of me.

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Hello! I think I made it pretty clear this far that I am an aknowledged control freak. ESPECIALLY with foods. I dislike being caught off guard. The reason why is simple : nothing good ever happens when when I’m caught off guard. As simple as that! I’m planning our 5 week day meals (the boyfriend […]

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23 Apr, 2012

Usual monday rant

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Hello! Back to work on monday morning… On a rainy, cloudy monday morning. Blaaaaah. I had a weekend full of surprises… First, we were attending the birthday party of my cousin that I’m super close to on saturday night. She was turning 30 and it was a nice evening, with lots of her family and […]

15 Apr, 2012

Feel the wind.

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Hello bloggers! Already the end of the weekend… I hope you had a good one :-) I’m glad to say that my weekend actually occured like it was supposed to be : lot of sports and workouts, good, fullfilling and healthy food and some quiet time at home. The two next weekends are going to […]

13 Apr, 2012

Eat wise, drop a size.

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Hello!! I hope everybody is doing fine… Let’s celebrate, it’s friday! I had my post-Easter-official-weigh in today. I was so nervous. Oh god I was nervous. My tummy felt bloated from friday to thursday, so I was expecting the worst. This morning, I hit the scale, after a really bad night of sleep (went to […]