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02 May, 2012

Let’s celebrate, hills are over!

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*disclaimer : the picture above is true for about 1 workout out of 4 every week. You know, this workout you don’t really want to do but just kicked your butt to melt calories away and not for the benefit of the fitness itself? I love to think I have this charming poker face when [...]

24 Apr, 2012

Another day.

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First I want to say a big thank you to dysfunctionalbarbie and incontrol2day for there wonderful comments. They really did sooth my panic attack!
I’m glad to say that I’m not in a state of ”OMG MY LIFE IS A MESS” anymore. I slept last night, went to work and kept busy all day in the [...]

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18 Apr, 2012

When is the right time to stop?

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Hello bloggers!
First, before anything else, I want to share this :

I was complaning like a brat yesterday about how hard my life is because of my training that I, and only I, choose to do. First, I would like to thanx dysfunctionalbarbie and incontrol2day for all the kinds words you had on my ”bwahahah my [...]

17 Apr, 2012


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Tuesday is here again. Which means that hills training is here again. I want to diiiie.
I hate hills training.
Normal, BRIGHT people just run AROUND the hill and be done with it.
But my running program says that hill running is good for me. So I run hill.
God I hate it.
I hate feeling on the edge of [...]

I thought I’d start by an inspirational quote this morning. Today is my second day officially back on track and some inspiration never hurts, doesn’t it? ;-)
After this long, binge-ish weekend, I had almost forgot how it felt nice to be in control. Yesterday, I finished my food log day at 1435 calories and I [...]