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10 May, 2012

Dinosaur dipshit day.

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Oh yeah.

That sucky.

(I’m going to complain a lot today. I just wanted to make sure you knew before getting started :P)


First, it’s cold and raining. Again.

But the most sucky part of the day actually started last night, while I was out to have a coffee and dessert with a friend.

My left eye had been crying for a while now, I don’t really know why (a couple of weeks). I was always crying at night, which made me think that it was because I was tired of my day, or something like that (the air is really.really.REALLY dry at my lab). Anyway. Being in a rush, I did not make any big case of it.

Last night, at the cafe, after having a piece of brownies and a coffee because I behave so well this week, the eye started crying… but I mean LOADS OF CRYING. We left and I headed back home where I washed carefully my contact lenses, washed my face and my eyes and headed to bed.

I had an horrible night.

I was waking up every hour, my eye being all sticky and crusty (yeah, I know : eww!) The cat was waking up all the time and decided it was time to play, I locked him out of the room, had to go to the bathroom 5 times to wash the eye during the night, etc etc.

I woke up early with the firm intention to head to a doctor clinic to have a check up.  After, of course, painfully washing my eyes that was litteraly locked under tons of crusty digusting stuff. I put my glasses on and went off.

I won’t go into how this is a big mess to see a doctor over here, but after going through 3 clinics in town, I finally found one where they could see me. After waiting for almost 2 hours, I met a doc for 10 minutes and to sum up the conclusions of the appointment :

– I probably had some kind of infections in my eye but it won’t go away because I keep putting on my same old contact lenses (I have the hard ones, not the disposable ones);

– Put water on your eyes, if it doesn’t get better in 2 days, put theses antibiotics drops and it should (should!?) be okay ;

– Keep your glasses on ;

– Trash your contacts.

The realities of my life now :

– I HATE wearing glasses (especially while I run, they always slip off my nose) ;

– The contact lenses I wear (well, used to wear from now on) are expensive, about 350 $ for a pair ;

– I don’t have the money for a new pair!! (hello, Visa Card) ;

– I no I have some kind of eyes stuff insurance, but I don’t know how this stuff works as my mom used to take care of all of this (god I’m pathetic) ;

– The only appointment I got to got a new pair of contact lenses designed is scheduled for May 25th (meaning wearing my glasses full-time until there, mainin also no sunglasses, hugh).

Plus my boyfriend is still away.

Plus I need to run tonight. And it’s cold and rainy. And I don’t really want to go.

Can I crawl under a blanket and wait until the moment when I’ll become a real adult get all this stuff figured out like a grown-up? Pleaseeee?


Rambling off for now :-P



09 May, 2012


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Okay, I was in total lack of a nice picture to illustrate this blog post. So I went for the goat-cat. Because, well, you know. The cat had a goat disguise.

I guess I’m a bit tired.

But yes. The point of this post.

All of you probably experienced the sensations of striking weight loss realizations. For exemples :

”I’m fitting into that size?”

”My ring doesn’t fit me anymore…’


You know. That kind of realizations.

I had a little one last friday when I went shopping and bought my first size 7 pair of short in a lonnng time. But I had a biggest yesterday morning, to be honest.

In the same shopping spray (thank you, VISA card), I bought new underwears. To be more exact, 5 pairs of panties that my boyfriend approved with all the grace and akward feeling a guy stuck into a woman underwear store can have.

-Do you like these? *akward nod of the boyfriend* (repeat 5 times) = DONE.

So. Got 5 new pairs. Because mine were getting old and the elatic were all getting loose, making them a bit baggy and unconfortable, they’re strechyness was totally loss.

But I tried some long shot thing : I chose MEDIUM panties. I slowly had started to wear medium clothes, mostly sweater and tshirts, because I honestly don’t know what size is medium in the pants. I’m really skinny from the top, but, let’s say the real things here, I always had a good big butt and some thighs. So, medium panties? I was doubting it. I still went for them, they would be thight but if I eventully start weight training and (hopefully) tone up, they will eventually fit, right? (and they were 5 pairs for 18$. Talk about a good deal)

I washed properly them over the weekends and after waiting that TOM is over, I finally tried a pair yesterday morning.

And they fit like PURR-FEC-TLY.

I was shocked. I am now a ”medium-girl”.

My mind kinda got taken in some kind of big swirl, were everything fell into places : my old panties were not too loose after losing the strechyness, they were just too big. Period.

My butt had finally got down in SIZE!

I’ve been repeating it on many blogs comments and on the forum : I think it takes way more time to our hads and eyes to see our bodies how it really is. That we have to open our eyes and realize how much we accomplished. And now I realized that I’ve been the one not living to what I’m preaching…

I still see myself as the same I was 20 lbs ago. I still go for my old sizes.

Yesterday, it was some kind of a wake-up call.

You have a new body.

Might aswell embrace it! :-)


07 May, 2012

Encounter with quinoa

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Monday. Argh. I don’t know why, I felt tired all day long. Luckily it’s all over now!

As my blog title is saying, tonight I cooked quinoa for the first time. I know, I know, where was I when quinoa was becoming this trendy healthy thing that everyone seems to be cooking right now!?

I cooked quinoa with a pumpkin curry with chicken that wasn’t up to my expectations (read here, up to the normal curry I cook usually). The quinoa itself tasted just wrong : the recipe made me mix a bit of pumpkin puree with spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove) and maple syrup. It was way to sweet for me and the taste of the pumpkin was all over the place… I’m not going to cook it again.

However, I had cooked a bigger quantity of quinoa that the recipe actually needed. My plan was to keep a bit of the quinoa to put together a quinoa salad : I planned a training for tomorrow night after my job and I wanted something quick to put together when I’ll get home.

I threw together the quinoa leftover, black beans, corn, 2 italian tomatoes, cilantro, lemon juice, cumin and kosher salt. To my releive, it tasted good! The quinoa adds a fluffiness and light feeling to the mixt and the flavors are really fresh when put alltogether. I’m planning to toasted some whole wheat tortillas in the oven and have them with salsa and my quinoa salad… No doubt that it will gonna be much more better than my not-so-good dinner from tonight!

Ever had a recipe that looked really good in the books but turned out a big ”never again”?


06 May, 2012

At the end of the day, who you are is completely up to you.

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Another weekend gone (so fast!), another recap weekend post.

But first, I need blog advices : I am getting TOOOOONS of spamming comments these days. Any clue how to prevent that?

So! Back to the real stuff.

The weekend started pretty smoothly. On friday night, the boyfriend and I went to the mall because I needed to go to Canadian Tire to finally get a cover seat for my bike and some new teas from David’s Tea. I started to drink a cup of tea after my lunch at the lab and it is seriously helping to me calm the fake appetite ”oh god I could so eat more” after I’m done eating. The hot beverage calms the feeling and I’m good a big part of the afternoon (like I’m not already thinking about my snack at 13:00 :-P)

I also ended up getting a couple of clothings on sale (I found another pair of shorts for 20$, I now have 2 for the summer. God my summer wardrobe is empty right now) and a cute dress that I would have look like muffin-doll if I had wear at my highest weight 2 years ago (meaning SO SO SO SO SO puffy). Oh and 2 pairs of sandals. I’m a sucker for sandals.

The boyfriend had to work on saturday morning. Instead of sleeping in, I woke up at 9:00 (for a weekend, it is early!! … for me at least. Hihi), had breakfast, settled my grandpa cushy cover seat on my bike and headed for the trails. I was cloudy and chilly but it was a really fun ride. I ended up riding for 15 kilomters, which is not really a lot in the bike world, but my legs are not muscular at all, and anyways I wanted to keep the legs fresh for my long run today. Because it was the morning, there were just few people on the trails and I enjoyed the me & me time. I also encounters the cutest family of Momma duck & multiples duckies crossing the road at a point. I wished I had my camera to snap the moment :-)

My boyfriend was set to depart for Vancouver Island last night, so we had a nice meal before he was off : we had filet mignon on the BBQ with a barley & leek gratin with a nice cup of wine. I went a bit overboard after that though, my stomach felt like a it was impossible to fill up. At least it was crackers and peanut butter and not chips or chocolat bars…

Today was MUCH better in term of calories.   I had a nice breakfast before heading out for my weekend long run training. I admit I headout outside kinda late : I had the cat cuddleing on me for 45 minutes before pushing him away to get dress to run (the tiger NEVER cuddle when the boyfriend and I are at home at the same time. We think he’s jealous of us together LOL). By the time I was out, the temperature was heating up. By kilometer 7, I was sweating and HOT. Today I tried a new route : I drove to a park where many trails kinda spam around it. I want to throw a lot of variatons on my future route so I don’t get used too much of the ones around my place : I want to be able to run every routes I happened to cross and not fall into a comfort zone.

My speed graph :

The reason why I left so late for my run :

So I ran my 14k (the farthest I’ve ever run) and a really decent time that I am super happy with. I was able to improve my pace by the end. Fun thing : I was about 3 kilometers away from the end of my loop when a old man on his bike slowed down next to me to tell me ”Keep going! Don’t give up, miss!” That was such a nice little word to hear that close to the end of the run :-) (I just hope he wasn’t saying that because I was looking like I was struggling or sometimes, in my memories I was feeling fine… LOL)

The end of the day flew by quielty, I enjoyed the best.soup.I’ve.ever.made for lunch (carrots, rutabaga & maple syrup, only 158 calories for a cup) and prepared asian coleslaw and vegan springrolls for dinner.

I also baked EXCELLENT zucchinis muffins (recipe from here : ) I honestly ADORE cooking with zucchinis : they make killer breads or muffins, giving a moist and sweet texture that I never get enough off. This recipe turned out excellent, the only change I made was to through a little pack of blackberries in the mixte to add a little edge of sour in the muffin. They turned out to be only 142 calories each (pretty good for a muffin if you ask me) and I actually had 2 of them tonight while sipping me cup of tea (I had calories left in my calories budget, don’t you worry!! ;-) )

Yes, they are in pink paper cups. Yes, that makes them even more delish ;-)


04 May, 2012

Just when I thought I knew everything

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IT’S FRIDAYYYY! *gotta get down on friday* Holy molly that was a long week. I’m glad it is almost over… *ceeeelebration time, COME ON!!* (okay, the musical is over now. I promise :-P)

So, to go with my title, this morning I was strucked with the thought of :

”Just when I thought I knew/understood pretty much e-ve-ry-THING about weight loss”, I still managed to get baffle this morning.

I mean, I started dieting at some point in May 2011 (can’t remember the exact date), so I have been dieting for fairly a whole year now. And, darnit, I still don’t understand how my body reacts from time to time.


I did not weight myself this week before tuesday. I knew I ate super salty last weekend so I wanted to give some times to the body to take a bit of the water out before jumping on the scale ;-) When I weighed in on tuesday morning, I was up to 136 lbs. Which was okay with me.

The next day, wednesday, I was up to 136.6 lbs. I ate carbs the night before. Make sense. Plus TOM was supposed to come at anytime now.

Yesterday morning, I was up to 137.6 lbs, and as I said yesterday, I wasn’t happy about it. Freakin’ TOM, freakin’ waterweight, etc, etc. Just before my official friday weight in day.

However, I don’t know what happened yesterday. Was it the work out? The low carb meals we had? The fact that I *TMI* pied and pooped my life away during the day? I don’t know. Maybe it was a bit of everything. Go figure.

All of this to say that finally this morning, my scale told me 135.0 lbs. After being up to 137.6 lbs yesterday (overall, -1.0 lbs from last friday official weigh in).


Don’t get me wrong. I’M SUUUUPER happy with the weigh in.

I’m just… baffled! Seriously, why is it always when you expect the less of your body that the most cool things happened? (Like even if I would maintain a 1200 calories a day for 2 weeks, that’s probably result in a 3 lbs gain) (That was an exemple : I really don’t want that to happen. You did hear that, body, right?)

Oh well. Still an excellent way to start the weekend!

The boyfriend is leaving in the night between saturday and sunday and I told him to pick anything that he wants to have for dinner friday night. He still haven’t decide.

Two choices : I cooked way too many wonderful things for him to decide OR it’s the opposite and there’s nothing in my cuisine that he likes that much. I HOPE it’s the first one LOL

Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

03 May, 2012

TOM, meals ideas and rambling about my stupid watch

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”Oh yeah, let’s get those periods started and be over with” – me yesterday.


Yes, TOM kicked in, and so did the number on my scale. 137.6 lbs! I was okay being up in the 136’s range, because I only saw 135’s like, once. But 137’s, it’s a big no-no.

I know it’s super close, that it’s probably water weight because I worked out this week and kept my calorie log between 1500 and 1700 until monday but I don’t like iiiiiiiiiiiit.

Oh well. What’s a girl to do, really? Pretty much nothing except keep to focus on healthy choices.

As I said in the last posts, my boyfriend is going away for a week this weekend to attend some formation thingy on VANCOUVER ISLAND (yes, the caplocks mean that I am jealous ;-) ) Last night he said that it’s gonna be a good thing for him to go away for a week because with my new love of black beans and corn that I’ve been cooking all the time lately, the guy has been pooping is life out for the past week (I’ll spare you the details he gave me. I love the fact that we are one of those couple who share a LOT and is not afraid to talk about anything… but something I wish we could share less :-P) I’ll also use the time that he will be away to try some new recipes and stuff that he would eat (because, you know, if I’m the one cooking, you eat what I cook or you go get yourself a subway, boy!) but that he wouldn’t have picked in the first place. Next week, the ”new recipes with tons of healthy substitutions” is coming along!

Here’s a few recipes I’m planning to try :

A carrot, rutabaga and maple syrup soup : the recipes was supposed to be a ”cream” but I bought this almond-liquid-substitution-kinda-cream to use instead. I’m a big fan of soup for lunch, I realized that something hot is filling me more than something cold.

Avocado and cucumber spring rolls : with the boyfriend, I’d usually throw fish of seafood in them, but I can’t wait to try this ”summerish”, vegan and light version. I’m thinking preparing them with a fish-sauce/peanut butter sauce and a peanut butter slaw.

Southwestern quinoa salad : confession time – I’ve never tasted and/or cooked quinoa in all my LIFE. Everybody is praising this thing so much though that I wanted to try this for a long time, but the boyfriend wasn’t so much fond of the quinoa salad that they serve at the cafeteria of his faculty. I’m going to prepare it this weekend with some left over of black beans, corn and tomatoes.

Skinnytaste quinoa and turkey burger patties : THAT my boyfriend definetely wouldn’t eat. He is SO against chicken or turkey meat in burgers LOL. Personally, I think they delish and you probably can freeze them, so it’s really handy. I’ll also be free to use a toasted english muffin instead of the usual burger bun, yay!

Zuchini patties : I love patties stuff. They feel like comfort food to me : it’s hot and crispy, what else can you ask for? I was thinking about eating them with some home-made tzaziki first but after thinking about it I’ll probably do a little pickles sauce I often make with my tuna-potato patties, I think the edge of the pickles would suit well the soft taste of zuchinis.

Okay, now I’m super hungry for zuchinis patties. At 10h08 AM. Ooops!

I’ll leave you on that, to meditate on the drama of my life, being that I forgot my Garmin running watch at home and that I was planning to run after work (because you know, people were NOT RUNNING BEFORE THEY HAD WATCH TO DO SO). Big, big drama to manage this morning, as you see ;-)


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02 May, 2012

Let’s celebrate, hills are over!

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*disclaimer : the picture above is true for about 1 workout out of 4 every week. You know, this workout you don’t really want to do but just kicked your butt to melt calories away and not for the benefit of the fitness itself? I love to think I have this charming poker face when people see me in the trails on those days LOL


Excuse me. I got excited. Last night, I literraly entered the home, arms & hands in the air like rocky screaming to the boyfriend who was quietly reading Games of Thrones on the coach ”I’M DONE WITH HILLS!!! AAAAAARRRRRG!!!”

– Good for you, sweetie.

– … Meh. You’re not eating tonight.

(he actually ate, but I punished him but turning our usual chicken-Alfredo pasta vegan with only broccoli in them. Mwuahahah. Take that, un-enthousiam boyfriend) (Those freaking pasta were still about 650 calories for a single portion that wasn’t THAT big. Huhg!)

I was actually feeling really good, I probably could have done a few more, my stamina really improved in the last couple of weeks. I just so wanted to start the interval training so badly because, honestly HILLS are the most ANNOYING training. Like ever.

Doing the same loop SEVEN times, last night? Seeing the same streets. Smiling akwardly at the litle guy that was skateboarding in the park I was passing by (seven times). Seeing the weird look of the people walking in the same street as me as I pass by them many times. Akward. And boring. At least with intervals I can actually go somewhere and come back (Oh and there was this house who was doing some BBQ on their porch. Beleive me, no fun smelling the delicious odor of BBQ when you are the fool who is runnind and starving for seven FREAKING times).


I sneacked peak on my scale this morning and I was at 136.6 lbs (0.6 lbs heavier than friday). Meh. The bloaty tummy feeling I got last weekend never went away, even with the enormous quantity of water and tea I’m drinking. If I recall some older blog posts, TOM is supposed to be creeping up around sometime soon. I hope it’s gonna be sooner than later, so it can be over quick and we can focus on something else!

Have a good day everyone!


01 May, 2012

May already!?

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First, sorry for the picture above. My collegue thought that it was the lamest joke ever. I laughed for 5 minutes. I guess I laugh really easily… :-p

No but seriously, already in MAY!? Where was April?! Oh la la.

With the beginning of a new month that we are celebrating today with clouds and drizzling rain (yay), it’s time for monthy report and goal setting.

April was great in term of weight loss and running : I managed to shed a few pounds and to increase my running stamina. However, startint the weight training was kinda a failure (to use a nice word!)

I’m going back home for a long weekend in about 20 days. Let’s make the best of it to be stunning (nothing less!) when I’ll get there :-D

Goals for April :

– Reach my 135 lbs goal weight ;

– Continue the running training ;

– Start weight training, starting once a week for May ;

– GO BIKING! (I actually really wants to go biking, but the weather isn’t helpful with that) ;

– The most important : stay in control ;

– FINALLY learn how to turn on the BBQ. (I know, I know. I hate doing that kind of stuff. I’m all for the Girl Power thingy except when my hair may caught on fire. Let the boys handle that…)

Wow, that is going to be a challenging month…

Let’s do this! :-)


30 Apr, 2012

Letting the control freak out of me.

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I think I made it pretty clear this far that I am an aknowledged control freak. ESPECIALLY with foods.

I dislike being caught off guard. The reason why is simple : nothing good ever happens when when I’m caught off guard. As simple as that!

I’m planning our 5 week day meals (the boyfriend is usually in charge during the weekend) at the same time at the beginning of the week and honestly, it solved so.many.problem. First, when I was not planning, we were going to the grocery and picked food that we thought we could need during the week and not food we knew we would need. Result? We had to throw away so many things (mainly veggies and fruits) because we eventually decided to cooked stuff on the go that did not need those fruits and veggies.

The on the go part was the second big problem of the non-planning plan. On the go almost always meant getting something we actually had in the kitchen together and 90% of the time, it was PASTAS. The dreading PASTAS. No wonder we both gained 40 pounds.

So now, we don’t waist food and we eat much more healthy. Good outcomes only here! ;-)

After looking up at Pinterest and recipes website for almost an hout last night, I ended up with this planning of the week

Monday : homemade turkey meatballs with black beans and corn with basmati rice as side dish ;

Tuesday : Skinny Alfredo whole wheat penne with broccoli ;

Tuesday : Lean beef rolled-up tacos ;

Thursday : Tilapia with a orange sauce with roasted brussel sprouts ;

Friday : Home made Buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese dressing

Extras for lunch :

– rutabaga and carrots soup ;

– mini loafs of lemon & blueberries bread/cake.

And the best in all of this?

I wouldn’t trade any of this for our old grocery and un appealing tortellinis we used to eat all the time!


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29 Apr, 2012

(fun) Sabotage weekend

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So, yeah. Sabotage weekend. And I’m not talking about a theme weekend on the super good song by the Beastie Boys. If only.

It was an awesome weekend though. It was SOOOO much fun! Getting together with my high school friends really do helps making the weight loss/diet sabotage part futile.

I got in Québec city around 12h30 saturday. I had my usual Cork Flake/skim milk+banana breakfast and I had packed a lean turkey/spinach/hummus in a whole meat tortilla and few cucumbers and celery to eat in the car because I knew we were going to have lunch late in the afternoon.

After all getting together at my friend’s place, we headed in the old part of the town, which is probably the most lovely place in the Province. We headed for lunch in a place known for the out of the world sandwich : I kept the control and ordered an asian style salad (delish!)

The good part of the day concerning the diet was probably all the walking we did during the day. Quebec city is NOT a flat city : REALLY hilly, a lot of stairs… at least it was some kind of workout. And all the laughs we had was probably and excellent abs workout too ;-)

It was fun going back in the town after such a long time. For an afternoon, I forgot about all the diet, workint out, running training and just enjoy the time spent laughing, walking in one of the most charming town of North America.

Le château Frontenac :

Chateau Frontenac

La place royale :

So. Tons of fun.

But after that, the diet went downhill.

Saturday, after the lunch salad, I had :

– A Queue de Castor ( (Good lord it was good. This, I don’t regret)

– A burger for diner, with a portion of fries and a little salad)

– Piece of cheesecake I baked for my friends

– 2 rhum & coke

– Munchies.


On Sunday morning, I left Quebec without eating breakfast. My tummy was feeling weird, not because of the alcool, obviously, but from all the fat I ate the day before that I am not really used to eat in quantity anymore.

i still managed to eat today :

– a small chicken & chipotle wrap from Tim Hortons on the road

– a sandwich I made at home (at least it was with some lean turkey and a low calories bread)

– 3 crackers with peanut butter and drizzles of honey (why the honey!?)

– 2 pieces of chocolat (why!???!?)

– 2 cookies that my boyfriend forgot in the box on the table (why!????)

At this point, I was feeling bad with everything I ate. I was tired, stock with a headache and unmotivated. I pushed myself to go for a run (a dreading 13k) hoping it would make me feel better. I don’t know how but it was a super good run. I felt in control, the cardio was there, the legs were there, after the half, I knew I was going to make it easily until the end of the training. After 6.5k, I had a average pace of 7:26min/k ; when I finished after the 13k I had managed to shed time and finish it at a 7:07 min/k pace. I gave me at least the feeling to acheive something that was not throwing food in my mouth over this weekend.

At about the 11th kilometer, I had a weird (but nice) feeling. Since I decided to try for my first half marathon this summer, I’m still super scared about the distance. Like, seriously, 21,1 kilometer. 13,1 miles. Am I only gonna be able to finish that!? But this afternoon, I was getting closer and closer to the end of my run, and I was just feeling good.  I was running, I was fast, not in pain. And for the first time since I took the decision of trying for a half, I had the feeling that I’d be able to acheive this goal. ”I’m going to do this. Like I am REALLY going to do this.” If I was able to make it at this point today, I was gonna be able to get this thing done when my training would be over.

Of course, after this universal truth strucked me, i turned the corner of the street, at the blowing wind right in my face for the last 2 kilometers and got my newly aquired motivating struggeling a bit. Meh. I’ll get it back ;-)

(I also had 2 serving of the chinese noddles my boyfriend cooked for dinner (the first portion was small, and there was a lot of veggies) (yes, I am making excuses) and 5 cookies (no excuses for that) (why is my boyfriend even BUYING THAT STUFF! This is why I am the one in charge of the grocery :-P)

Tomorrow is the beginning of the new week, and we have no social things going on next weekend (actually my boyfriend is leaving for 6 days next Sunday. Let’s bring all the super healthy stuff he doesn’t really like and the chicks movies coming in). I need to figure the menu for this week…

What are you planning to have for dinner this week?