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30 May, 2012


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I would like to start this blog by saying : I’m so sorry sometimes my sentences don’t make much sense. I was reading a few of my older blog posts, looking for an information I may have posted here and I ran into some weird stuff that would make an english teacher scream.

Some of them are of course from my lack of knowledge on some stuff on the english langage (I was born and raised in a french environment, I only learned english at school, while traveling and by watching english speaking tv shows), but I think some of it is honestly because my computer langage is set to french and that an autocorrect option may sometimes play against me.

So : sorry if I make you eyes bleed a bit from times to times! ;-)

On the weight/healthy side, I had some little flaws but also little winning times since yesterday.

On the flaws :

– I was out last after my job yesterday for my Tuesday interval run. I already had a problem at the start when I realized that instead of loading my program of 3 x 5 minutes intervals, I had loaded the 5 x 3 minutes intervals (I did this one last week). I had to figure out my time by myself by looking at my watch (exausting ;-) ). I messed up the first interval because of that, so I ended up running 1 x 3 min + 2 x 5 min. It was not perfect, but it could have been worse. The other flaw of my last night run was that it was a real long shot going for a run, the sky was getting darker and darker and they were announcing a thunderstorm at any moment. I was supposed to run 8 kilometers, but after hearing the thunder around 5 something kilometers, I rushed back to my car (I’m kinda scare of thunder. And ligthenings. I feel like I’m 5 years old all over again when those things start!) I finished at 6.6k, which is again not bad, but not perfect. I headed back home, a bit sad about my incomplete trainin, and being angry at the sky because it really only started to rain 20 minutes after… I would have plenty of time to finish my run! Still, I’m gonna deal with the 6.6 incomplete interval run because even if I don’t really care for the rain (it would have actually been nice, humidity level were off the charts yesterday) I don’t like dealing with storm.

– Other flaws : I had plan to wake up bright and early this morning and go for a bike ride (weather forecast were telling a bright and sunny day today). At 6AM, when I opened my eyes, it was all grey outside. So I went back to bed. I’m gonna try to go for a small ride tonight while the fish we’re having for dinner will lay in its marinade (key word here : TRY).

The good points :

– I shed 2 pounds of water since yesterday! Finally! Back to 136,6 pounds, which is still a bit high to my taste, but it’s not as worst as the dreading 138’s. I’ve been sticking around 1700 calories since monday, I drink a lot of water, I’m regular (that does not happen frequently. THAT is nice). I’m still waiting for TOM, I still don’t know if he has something to do with what’s going on in my belly!

– I thought I had more good points than that… Did I say I lost half of my water weight I gained this weekend!? LOL

It’s already wednesday (THAT is a good point), the week is going on smoothly.

Happy wednesday! :-)

3 Responses to "Autocowreck."

1 | unskinnygirl

May 30th, 2012 at 8:16 am


I’ve never really noticed your writing to be bad! I wouldn’t worry about it! Are you Canadian? Just wondering since you said you grew up in a French town! I’m sure if read back a bit I would remember that you are in fact Canadian. Quebec? I think I remember you saying that once. Lol I read so many blogs it’s hard to remember what everyone says. I am Canadian and live in Manitoba. I do not speak French at all. Took it for 6 years,and I know nothing
But the basics! Lol and don’t be so hard in yourself about your workouts! We all have struggles sometimes,and yay for loss of water weight!

2 | Grace @ Grace Dishes

May 30th, 2012 at 11:29 am


I had no idea English was your second language! I think it’s super cool you speak French :D

Congrats on being back down and great job with all the exercise!

3 | dysfunctionalbarbie

May 31st, 2012 at 9:06 am


Don’t worry about your writing I read half of my stuff all over and again and go…dumby you should learn to proof read haha!

As for rain, I love rain running in it is great. Lightening though I’d probably get freaked out too if I was running and saw it, you never know with that crap you could get struck!

You should be happy at your 6.6 km run! It’s better than my couch marathon I’ve been having for weeks. :P

Keep it up girl!

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