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28 May, 2012

Water again, always water.

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Monday again!

Meaning, obviously, I’m stocked again with some water weight retention. BLAAAAAH.

I spend all the last week to try to get rid of some bad water weight, and on friday, everything was mostly gone. And I was super glad to say I did really good this weekend.

I was saturday, going kayaking for 2 hours (good workout. my arms were KILLING me), with my packed lunch, because I knew I was eating out with my cousin saturday night. We opted for a Vietnamese restaurant. It was healthy (a Won Ton soup + Teryaki chicken meal), but it was still restaurent food = loaded in salt.

I did also great during the day on Sunday, healthy breakfast and lunch and burning about 1100 calories while running 17k. However, the boyfriend and I had a dinner/movie date : we went out for a poutine that we were craving for months, and I had a corn dog with that. I litteraly heard my plate screaming ”SALT COMING YOUR WAY RIGHT TO YOUR TUMMY!” But it was soooo.goooood.

But yeah. Today, with my bloated tummy, I feel pregnant. LOL

I guess it had to happen. I prefer going on, eating someone I really wanted for a long time, enjoy it and just wait for the water weight to go away… I honestly think waiting too long for something you’re craving can lead to something even one than the object of the craving itself (like, worst binge ever!?)

Monday… new week, new starts. The boyfriend is leaving Sunday morning for 4 days and we don’t have any social thing planned for the weekend. We’ll be free to eat home and enjoy some healthy food.

Have a great monday, everyone!

4 Responses to "Water again, always water."

1 | goldmine

May 28th, 2012 at 8:34 am


I understand! My suggestion is drink more water, it helps with the bloat, I am on a blood pressure pill that has a diuretic in it, so it helps with the water, but by the end of the day my ankles still look like they have the mumps and I have to put my feet up to help get the swelling down. Good luck this week.

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

May 28th, 2012 at 8:56 am


Happy Monday!!! I hate water weight…seems like thats all the damn weight I’m carrying these days too!

3 | unskinnygirl

May 28th, 2012 at 9:20 am


Ugh water weight is the worst!!!!! I literally have not had time to weigh myself this weekend. But I did have some salty food those weekend! I’m anxious to see what I weigh though. Did a lot of activity this weekend! Happy Monday! Hope you have a great week!

4 | unskinnygirl

May 28th, 2012 at 9:33 am


I figured I would answer your question on your blog! Our main house renos will have to be done by Friday,as that is when we have to be out Of our current house. This week we
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