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16 May, 2012

Side effect of weight loss.

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Yes, you red well. The bad side effect of weight loss.


Of course it’s not true. I keep buying a piece pretty much every time I go to the mall to survive, clothing speaking. Like at some point, I need jeans that won’t leave a gap in my back the size of the Grand Canyon when I see. That can be useful. But every now and than, I end up reaching for the closet with the idea of wearing a specific item and I get BAM! Doesn’t fit anymore/you look like nothing in it/it’s too big and we can see way to much of your boobs. Annoying.

Right now, it’s even more annoying with the working out outfit. I own a LOT of clothes, so I can always find something else to wear in the day to day life. But for working out, my choices are getting more and more specific.

I’ve been wearing all winter long and in November 2011, trying to get ready for my first winter running season, I had to pay LOTS OF MONAAAAAEY to get my outfit (I live in Canada, long sleeves were not enough). Luckily I was able to use some of my hiking clothing to run too, but still : a good pair of underwears + a pair of shield pant to put on the underwear + a good pair of socks = 200$ (Oh and I also got some new running shoes during the same visit at the Running Room. Another 100$ there.) I was okay for all winter long… But now, summer is coming our way and I’m in big trouble.

– Bra. I need a good, full of support, running bra. In regular bra, I was 38DD at my highed weight and right now I’m wearing 36D (but I think I could go smaller a bit, all the straps are at the most thighten mark). However, my sport bras are pretty much still 38DD… So, yes, I have to double it, putting a sport bra in large size above. It’s hot. And not the best support ever. There are straps all over the place. I need a new one, but OMG those sport bras are exensive.

– Shorts. Shorts are not that bad, actually. I have 2 pairs of sport short that are a big bit but that I don’t mind wearing (kinda like the basketball kinda look actually!) But, again, in the long run, they get hot and in the way. Right now however, the trend for the runners is fore super-super-super short shorts. And I don’t like my thighs THAT much to show them away like that.

– Tops. I have a t shirt that fits and another t shirt that would fit if it wasn’t white and a bit see-through (like seriously. Who designed that.) However, I’d like a tank top : the crappy rain we’re having will eventually go away and I don’t want to tan with a t shirt all summer long! (Superficial… but so true).

After I buy a gift for my pregnant friend tomorrow night, my plan is to head to the Running Room to check their new stuff. Weirdly, I don’t feel as ashamed to go shopping for workout clothes as I am for going shopping for casual clothing that I probably don’t really need right now. I feel I really need them for a reason, to improve my healthy and everything, compared to a dress or something like that that would just be because I thought it was pretty. Is that weird?


Praise the lord of the scale, it was down to 134.2 this morning. Water weight seems to be gone : yay! It feels good to be back to normal :-)



2 Responses to "Side effect of weight loss."

1 | unskinnygirl

May 16th, 2012 at 5:12 pm


I seriously had a clothing meltdown this weekend. I literally have ONE pair of pants and ONE shirt that I’m comfortable in. Nothing else fits! I’ve bought some new
Clothes and those don’t fit anymore either. I was actually mad. I had lots of clothes and now I’m starting from scratch. Seriously I have one outfit lol. I wear other things but they look stupid on me. I’m waiting until we get
Possession of our house until I buy new
Clothes. As I need to see how our finances are!

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

May 17th, 2012 at 9:45 am


I went shopping last year for jeans because I was around 158, the same time last year! so now that I’m back down to that weight all my clothing I bought last year. Except I always never seem to have enough shirts. I have lots of shirts but half of the them suck so I think I should go shirt shopping one day! haha.

I wish my water weight would go away! :) Have a wonderful thursday! Friday is so close!!!!

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