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14 May, 2012

Bend it like Beckham.

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Hell- *yawn*-o.

Here we go again with an official sum up of the weekend, my usual way to start this new week by aknowloedging the good and the bad of the weekend!

The weekend started out really busy : the boyfriend was (finallyyy) coming home from Vancouver in the night between friday and saturday, so I rushed for a big part of the friday evening to get all I wanted to do complete. I had a really nice meal of little zucchnis cakes I found online with a salad. I wanted to take a picture of them, but I was loading the washing machine and they browned a bit too much… LOL They were still really good and actually reminded me much more of some latkes than ”cake” (recipe here :

The boyfriend got home at 2:30AM, super awake from the jetlag (11:30PM in Vancouver). Being the grumpy person I am when I wake up, it was more a ”GladyourhomeIllseeyouinthemorningLoveyou” welcome, but he knows that deep down I was really glad to see him. ;-)

The bike ride I had planed in the morning while the boyfriend would be sleeping did not happened, waking up at 10AM, because we had to eat, shower and leave early for the Montreal Impact and LA Galaxy soccer gaaaaaame! OMG David Bechkam is the sexiest man alive. He even took off his shirt at the end of the game, when they were making their way out of the field, and I managed to MISS THAT VIEW. (My boyfriend dared to say that he had a big butt. I slapped him.)

(Oh yeah, they tied up the score 1-1 but it was a really good game, even if our team was a bit all over the place (in a bad way) in the second half).

The bad part of the soccer game is that I ate everything in the world there. I don’t know what it was… probably the smell, I think, and seeing everybody eating it… I had a hot dog (because I never had a stadium hot dog, and everybody said that they were the best in the world. It did not rocked my world and I was still hungry after that), a beer, a slice of pizza, a bag of doritos and a diet Coke. When I write everything down here, it looks huge. It WAS huge.

We drove home (1H45 of driving) and after stopping at my lab for 2 minutes with the boyfriend, we headed downtown to get some sushis because we were still starving of the poor food we ate during the day. U know sushis are not the best in the world, but at least they’re not pizza. I ate 13 pieces, half of them being smalls ones, and we finished our meal with a piece of the banana cake I baked the day before. That was A LOT OF FOOD.

Sunday morning was a much better. I had a good breakfast of banana/nutella french toast sandwich to fuel up before my usual Sunday’s long run. The weather was crappy : it rain for the complete time of my 16 kilometers. At least I made it in a time I was thrilled with and I managed to burn about 1090 calories, which make me feel a lot better about saturday… I had a light lunch of chocolat milk to bring back a decent level of blood glucose, low calories chicken noodles to get a bit of electrolytes back (I sweat a lot during the run) and a homemade muffin. We finished the day with home made chili and a piece of cake. Really happy with that day.

I’m still paying for saturday’s food intake though (hello, salty hotdog, doritos and pizza) : I was up to 136.8 pounds this morning. I’m not panicking yet : it happens eveeeery weekend, most of it is water weight from salt retention, I did not #2 yesterday and I guess I’m probably getting some water retention from my sore legs.

so the plan of the day : DRINK WATER, for god sake! ;-)


3 Responses to "Bend it like Beckham."

1 | unskinnygirl

May 14th, 2012 at 10:59 am


Ha! I made a conscious decision to stay off diet this weekend. I needed it! I am paying for it dearly on the scale. But it was awesome. I think we need it from time to time. I know we’re not supposed to “reward” ourselves with food. But I totally do,an I works for me. I
Didn’t just have one day of bad eating. I had 3 days lol oh well I deserved it. Today I’m back on track!

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

May 14th, 2012 at 12:34 pm


I finding it a lot harder to keep my water intake up because water is so boring now…Maybe I should buy some of those crystal light things to help me enjoy my water more! lol

3 | incontrol2day

May 14th, 2012 at 1:51 pm


banana nutella is a match made in heaven! So glad you got to spend time with the bf this weekend :) I rush to get things done prior to him getting back too. I spent the day today cleaning!

I wonder if Beckham takes off his shirt for the crowd’s benefit loL!

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