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09 May, 2012


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Okay, I was in total lack of a nice picture to illustrate this blog post. So I went for the goat-cat. Because, well, you know. The cat had a goat disguise.

I guess I’m a bit tired.

But yes. The point of this post.

All of you probably experienced the sensations of striking weight loss realizations. For exemples :

”I’m fitting into that size?”

”My ring doesn’t fit me anymore…’


You know. That kind of realizations.

I had a little one last friday when I went shopping and bought my first size 7 pair of short in a lonnng time. But I had a biggest yesterday morning, to be honest.

In the same shopping spray (thank you, VISA card), I bought new underwears. To be more exact, 5 pairs of panties that my boyfriend approved with all the grace and akward feeling a guy stuck into a woman underwear store can have.

-Do you like these? *akward nod of the boyfriend* (repeat 5 times) = DONE.

So. Got 5 new pairs. Because mine were getting old and the elatic were all getting loose, making them a bit baggy and unconfortable, they’re strechyness was totally loss.

But I tried some long shot thing : I chose MEDIUM panties. I slowly had started to wear medium clothes, mostly sweater and tshirts, because I honestly don’t know what size is medium in the pants. I’m really skinny from the top, but, let’s say the real things here, I always had a good big butt and some thighs. So, medium panties? I was doubting it. I still went for them, they would be thight but if I eventully start weight training and (hopefully) tone up, they will eventually fit, right? (and they were 5 pairs for 18$. Talk about a good deal)

I washed properly them over the weekends and after waiting that TOM is over, I finally tried a pair yesterday morning.

And they fit like PURR-FEC-TLY.

I was shocked. I am now a ”medium-girl”.

My mind kinda got taken in some kind of big swirl, were everything fell into places : my old panties were not too loose after losing the strechyness, they were just too big. Period.

My butt had finally got down in SIZE!

I’ve been repeating it on many blogs comments and on the forum : I think it takes way more time to our hads and eyes to see our bodies how it really is. That we have to open our eyes and realize how much we accomplished. And now I realized that I’ve been the one not living to what I’m preaching…

I still see myself as the same I was 20 lbs ago. I still go for my old sizes.

Yesterday, it was some kind of a wake-up call.

You have a new body.

Might aswell embrace it! :-)


3 Responses to "Medium."

1 | incontrol2day

May 9th, 2012 at 11:00 am


Congratulations on being a medium-girl! Your post reminds me I need to go shop for underwear haha!

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

May 9th, 2012 at 11:03 am


OMG! Before I read your blog I posted a picture of a black tired kitty and then saw you had an adorable kitty pictures :P great minds think alike!

I’m the same as you, I still see myself 20 pounds more than what I am….


3 | unskinnygirl

May 10th, 2012 at 10:09 am


It is soooo hard to see ourselves differently. I am BAFFLED every time I try on pants. It just doesn’t look like I will fit into them. I seriously look at myself in the mirror,look at the pants. I tell myself,there is no way my belly will fit into these pants. And they do!!!! It’s the only real gauge of losing inches that you can see physically. So strange how our minds work!

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