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06 May, 2012

At the end of the day, who you are is completely up to you.

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Another weekend gone (so fast!), another recap weekend post.

But first, I need blog advices : I am getting TOOOOONS of spamming comments these days. Any clue how to prevent that?

So! Back to the real stuff.

The weekend started pretty smoothly. On friday night, the boyfriend and I went to the mall because I needed to go to Canadian Tire to finally get a cover seat for my bike and some new teas from David’s Tea. I started to drink a cup of tea after my lunch at the lab and it is seriously helping to me calm the fake appetite ”oh god I could so eat more” after I’m done eating. The hot beverage calms the feeling and I’m good a big part of the afternoon (like I’m not already thinking about my snack at 13:00 :-P)

I also ended up getting a couple of clothings on sale (I found another pair of shorts for 20$, I now have 2 for the summer. God my summer wardrobe is empty right now) and a cute dress that I would have look like muffin-doll if I had wear at my highest weight 2 years ago (meaning SO SO SO SO SO puffy). Oh and 2 pairs of sandals. I’m a sucker for sandals.

The boyfriend had to work on saturday morning. Instead of sleeping in, I woke up at 9:00 (for a weekend, it is early!! … for me at least. Hihi), had breakfast, settled my grandpa cushy cover seat on my bike and headed for the trails. I was cloudy and chilly but it was a really fun ride. I ended up riding for 15 kilomters, which is not really a lot in the bike world, but my legs are not muscular at all, and anyways I wanted to keep the legs fresh for my long run today. Because it was the morning, there were just few people on the trails and I enjoyed the me & me time. I also encounters the cutest family of Momma duck & multiples duckies crossing the road at a point. I wished I had my camera to snap the moment :-)

My boyfriend was set to depart for Vancouver Island last night, so we had a nice meal before he was off : we had filet mignon on the BBQ with a barley & leek gratin with a nice cup of wine. I went a bit overboard after that though, my stomach felt like a it was impossible to fill up. At least it was crackers and peanut butter and not chips or chocolat bars…

Today was MUCH better in term of calories.   I had a nice breakfast before heading out for my weekend long run training. I admit I headout outside kinda late : I had the cat cuddleing on me for 45 minutes before pushing him away to get dress to run (the tiger NEVER cuddle when the boyfriend and I are at home at the same time. We think he’s jealous of us together LOL). By the time I was out, the temperature was heating up. By kilometer 7, I was sweating and HOT. Today I tried a new route : I drove to a park where many trails kinda spam around it. I want to throw a lot of variatons on my future route so I don’t get used too much of the ones around my place : I want to be able to run every routes I happened to cross and not fall into a comfort zone.

My speed graph :

The reason why I left so late for my run :

So I ran my 14k (the farthest I’ve ever run) and a really decent time that I am super happy with. I was able to improve my pace by the end. Fun thing : I was about 3 kilometers away from the end of my loop when a old man on his bike slowed down next to me to tell me ”Keep going! Don’t give up, miss!” That was such a nice little word to hear that close to the end of the run :-) (I just hope he wasn’t saying that because I was looking like I was struggling or sometimes, in my memories I was feeling fine… LOL)

The end of the day flew by quielty, I enjoyed the best.soup.I’ve.ever.made for lunch (carrots, rutabaga & maple syrup, only 158 calories for a cup) and prepared asian coleslaw and vegan springrolls for dinner.

I also baked EXCELLENT zucchinis muffins (recipe from here : ) I honestly ADORE cooking with zucchinis : they make killer breads or muffins, giving a moist and sweet texture that I never get enough off. This recipe turned out excellent, the only change I made was to through a little pack of blackberries in the mixte to add a little edge of sour in the muffin. They turned out to be only 142 calories each (pretty good for a muffin if you ask me) and I actually had 2 of them tonight while sipping me cup of tea (I had calories left in my calories budget, don’t you worry!! ;-) )

Yes, they are in pink paper cups. Yes, that makes them even more delish ;-)


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