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03 May, 2012

TOM, meals ideas and rambling about my stupid watch

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”Oh yeah, let’s get those periods started and be over with” – me yesterday.


Yes, TOM kicked in, and so did the number on my scale. 137.6 lbs! I was okay being up in the 136’s range, because I only saw 135’s like, once. But 137’s, it’s a big no-no.

I know it’s super close, that it’s probably water weight because I worked out this week and kept my calorie log between 1500 and 1700 until monday but I don’t like iiiiiiiiiiiit.

Oh well. What’s a girl to do, really? Pretty much nothing except keep to focus on healthy choices.

As I said in the last posts, my boyfriend is going away for a week this weekend to attend some formation thingy on VANCOUVER ISLAND (yes, the caplocks mean that I am jealous ;-) ) Last night he said that it’s gonna be a good thing for him to go away for a week because with my new love of black beans and corn that I’ve been cooking all the time lately, the guy has been pooping is life out for the past week (I’ll spare you the details he gave me. I love the fact that we are one of those couple who share a LOT and is not afraid to talk about anything… but something I wish we could share less :-P) I’ll also use the time that he will be away to try some new recipes and stuff that he would eat (because, you know, if I’m the one cooking, you eat what I cook or you go get yourself a subway, boy!) but that he wouldn’t have picked in the first place. Next week, the ”new recipes with tons of healthy substitutions” is coming along!

Here’s a few recipes I’m planning to try :

A carrot, rutabaga and maple syrup soup : the recipes was supposed to be a ”cream” but I bought this almond-liquid-substitution-kinda-cream to use instead. I’m a big fan of soup for lunch, I realized that something hot is filling me more than something cold.

Avocado and cucumber spring rolls : with the boyfriend, I’d usually throw fish of seafood in them, but I can’t wait to try this ”summerish”, vegan and light version. I’m thinking preparing them with a fish-sauce/peanut butter sauce and a peanut butter slaw.

Southwestern quinoa salad : confession time – I’ve never tasted and/or cooked quinoa in all my LIFE. Everybody is praising this thing so much though that I wanted to try this for a long time, but the boyfriend wasn’t so much fond of the quinoa salad that they serve at the cafeteria of his faculty. I’m going to prepare it this weekend with some left over of black beans, corn and tomatoes.

Skinnytaste quinoa and turkey burger patties : THAT my boyfriend definetely wouldn’t eat. He is SO against chicken or turkey meat in burgers LOL. Personally, I think they delish and you probably can freeze them, so it’s really handy. I’ll also be free to use a toasted english muffin instead of the usual burger bun, yay!

Zuchini patties : I love patties stuff. They feel like comfort food to me : it’s hot and crispy, what else can you ask for? I was thinking about eating them with some home-made tzaziki first but after thinking about it I’ll probably do a little pickles sauce I often make with my tuna-potato patties, I think the edge of the pickles would suit well the soft taste of zuchinis.

Okay, now I’m super hungry for zuchinis patties. At 10h08 AM. Ooops!

I’ll leave you on that, to meditate on the drama of my life, being that I forgot my Garmin running watch at home and that I was planning to run after work (because you know, people were NOT RUNNING BEFORE THEY HAD WATCH TO DO SO). Big, big drama to manage this morning, as you see ;-)


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1 | unskinnygirl

May 3rd, 2012 at 10:09 am


Yay for quinoa! Make sure you rinse it really really well before cooking it,as it will have a butter taste I’d you don’t! But it’s awesome to try new things. It is really really filling!

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