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02 May, 2012

Let’s celebrate, hills are over!

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*disclaimer : the picture above is true for about 1 workout out of 4 every week. You know, this workout you don’t really want to do but just kicked your butt to melt calories away and not for the benefit of the fitness itself? I love to think I have this charming poker face when people see me in the trails on those days LOL


Excuse me. I got excited. Last night, I literraly entered the home, arms & hands in the air like rocky screaming to the boyfriend who was quietly reading Games of Thrones on the coach ”I’M DONE WITH HILLS!!! AAAAAARRRRRG!!!”

– Good for you, sweetie.

– … Meh. You’re not eating tonight.

(he actually ate, but I punished him but turning our usual chicken-Alfredo pasta vegan with only broccoli in them. Mwuahahah. Take that, un-enthousiam boyfriend) (Those freaking pasta were still about 650 calories for a single portion that wasn’t THAT big. Huhg!)

I was actually feeling really good, I probably could have done a few more, my stamina really improved in the last couple of weeks. I just so wanted to start the interval training so badly because, honestly HILLS are the most ANNOYING training. Like ever.

Doing the same loop SEVEN times, last night? Seeing the same streets. Smiling akwardly at the litle guy that was skateboarding in the park I was passing by (seven times). Seeing the weird look of the people walking in the same street as me as I pass by them many times. Akward. And boring. At least with intervals I can actually go somewhere and come back (Oh and there was this house who was doing some BBQ on their porch. Beleive me, no fun smelling the delicious odor of BBQ when you are the fool who is runnind and starving for seven FREAKING times).


I sneacked peak on my scale this morning and I was at 136.6 lbs (0.6 lbs heavier than friday). Meh. The bloaty tummy feeling I got last weekend never went away, even with the enormous quantity of water and tea I’m drinking. If I recall some older blog posts, TOM is supposed to be creeping up around sometime soon. I hope it’s gonna be sooner than later, so it can be over quick and we can focus on something else!

Have a good day everyone!


2 Responses to "Let’s celebrate, hills are over!"

1 | incontrol2day

May 2nd, 2012 at 9:59 am


That picture is definitely partially true for me and another reason I work out is to create a bigger calorie deficit so I can enjoy my food LOL! :)

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

May 2nd, 2012 at 10:27 am


That picture is sooo true for me haha!!! I love it!
Lately with my habit I’ve enjoyed working out, some days I push myself harder than others but in the end of it I feel high a very natural loving high haha.

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