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01 May, 2012

May already!?

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First, sorry for the picture above. My collegue thought that it was the lamest joke ever. I laughed for 5 minutes. I guess I laugh really easily… :-p

No but seriously, already in MAY!? Where was April?! Oh la la.

With the beginning of a new month that we are celebrating today with clouds and drizzling rain (yay), it’s time for monthy report and goal setting.

April was great in term of weight loss and running : I managed to shed a few pounds and to increase my running stamina. However, startint the weight training was kinda a failure (to use a nice word!)

I’m going back home for a long weekend in about 20 days. Let’s make the best of it to be stunning (nothing less!) when I’ll get there :-D

Goals for April :

– Reach my 135 lbs goal weight ;

– Continue the running training ;

– Start weight training, starting once a week for May ;

– GO BIKING! (I actually really wants to go biking, but the weather isn’t helpful with that) ;

– The most important : stay in control ;

– FINALLY learn how to turn on the BBQ. (I know, I know. I hate doing that kind of stuff. I’m all for the Girl Power thingy except when my hair may caught on fire. Let the boys handle that…)

Wow, that is going to be a challenging month…

Let’s do this! :-)


2 Responses to "May already!?"

1 | incontrol2day

May 1st, 2012 at 9:52 am


I actually laughed at the joke haha! Good luck with your May goals!

2 | unskinnygirl

May 2nd, 2012 at 8:10 am


Ha! Someone posted that Justin timberlake on Facebook and I thought it was hilarious! This year has
Gone soooooo fast. It’s my birthday this
Month and I will be 29! Yikes! Thanks for your comment on my poop blog! I will go and check out your suggestion. Not pooping is the worst!

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