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29 Apr, 2012

(fun) Sabotage weekend

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So, yeah. Sabotage weekend. And I’m not talking about a theme weekend on the super good song by the Beastie Boys. If only.

It was an awesome weekend though. It was SOOOO much fun! Getting together with my high school friends really do helps making the weight loss/diet sabotage part futile.

I got in Québec city around 12h30 saturday. I had my usual Cork Flake/skim milk+banana breakfast and I had packed a lean turkey/spinach/hummus in a whole meat tortilla and few cucumbers and celery to eat in the car because I knew we were going to have lunch late in the afternoon.

After all getting together at my friend’s place, we headed in the old part of the town, which is probably the most lovely place in the Province. We headed for lunch in a place known for the out of the world sandwich : I kept the control and ordered an asian style salad (delish!)

The good part of the day concerning the diet was probably all the walking we did during the day. Quebec city is NOT a flat city : REALLY hilly, a lot of stairs… at least it was some kind of workout. And all the laughs we had was probably and excellent abs workout too ;-)

It was fun going back in the town after such a long time. For an afternoon, I forgot about all the diet, workint out, running training and just enjoy the time spent laughing, walking in one of the most charming town of North America.

Le château Frontenac :

Chateau Frontenac

La place royale :

So. Tons of fun.

But after that, the diet went downhill.

Saturday, after the lunch salad, I had :

– A Queue de Castor ( (Good lord it was good. This, I don’t regret)

– A burger for diner, with a portion of fries and a little salad)

– Piece of cheesecake I baked for my friends

– 2 rhum & coke

– Munchies.


On Sunday morning, I left Quebec without eating breakfast. My tummy was feeling weird, not because of the alcool, obviously, but from all the fat I ate the day before that I am not really used to eat in quantity anymore.

i still managed to eat today :

– a small chicken & chipotle wrap from Tim Hortons on the road

– a sandwich I made at home (at least it was with some lean turkey and a low calories bread)

– 3 crackers with peanut butter and drizzles of honey (why the honey!?)

– 2 pieces of chocolat (why!???!?)

– 2 cookies that my boyfriend forgot in the box on the table (why!????)

At this point, I was feeling bad with everything I ate. I was tired, stock with a headache and unmotivated. I pushed myself to go for a run (a dreading 13k) hoping it would make me feel better. I don’t know how but it was a super good run. I felt in control, the cardio was there, the legs were there, after the half, I knew I was going to make it easily until the end of the training. After 6.5k, I had a average pace of 7:26min/k ; when I finished after the 13k I had managed to shed time and finish it at a 7:07 min/k pace. I gave me at least the feeling to acheive something that was not throwing food in my mouth over this weekend.

At about the 11th kilometer, I had a weird (but nice) feeling. Since I decided to try for my first half marathon this summer, I’m still super scared about the distance. Like, seriously, 21,1 kilometer. 13,1 miles. Am I only gonna be able to finish that!? But this afternoon, I was getting closer and closer to the end of my run, and I was just feeling good.  I was running, I was fast, not in pain. And for the first time since I took the decision of trying for a half, I had the feeling that I’d be able to acheive this goal. ”I’m going to do this. Like I am REALLY going to do this.” If I was able to make it at this point today, I was gonna be able to get this thing done when my training would be over.

Of course, after this universal truth strucked me, i turned the corner of the street, at the blowing wind right in my face for the last 2 kilometers and got my newly aquired motivating struggeling a bit. Meh. I’ll get it back ;-)

(I also had 2 serving of the chinese noddles my boyfriend cooked for dinner (the first portion was small, and there was a lot of veggies) (yes, I am making excuses) and 5 cookies (no excuses for that) (why is my boyfriend even BUYING THAT STUFF! This is why I am the one in charge of the grocery :-P)

Tomorrow is the beginning of the new week, and we have no social things going on next weekend (actually my boyfriend is leaving for 6 days next Sunday. Let’s bring all the super healthy stuff he doesn’t really like and the chicks movies coming in). I need to figure the menu for this week…

What are you planning to have for dinner this week?


2 Responses to "(fun) Sabotage weekend"

1 | incontrol2day

April 30th, 2012 at 3:13 am


Monday is a new day! I love the pictures. It looks so pretty!

I don’t have an exact idea for this week but I do know it’s going to be yummy and I’ll blog about it haha. For lunch, I’m making grilled cheese sandwiches served with the chili I made last night for my boys’ packed lunch.

Have a wonderful week!

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 30th, 2012 at 9:30 am


It’s funny, I always say I wanted to go back packing around europe some day. But after driving from Alberta to Ontario then back to Alberta within a 6 month period. I realized there is SO much of Canada I want to see as well. The NWT, Yukon, everything east past Ontario and I think within the next few years it’ll be my goal to get around canada to see the wonderful things our country has to offer. :)

Now as for your weekend, it’s okay! Because today is a new day, and tomorrow is a new months (I love new months where everything feels more fresh and new than just waking up another day feels)

Have a wonderful week, keep on plan and you’ll forget all about this weekend of sabotage! <3

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