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26 Apr, 2012

ALMOST thanx-God-it’s-friday

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That’s how much I can’t wait for this week to be over LOL

Sometimes I think I work with dummies. No, seriously. There are 2-3 people in the lab that just gets me ”” This morning, 2 of our computers (1 of them I REALLY needed this morning) are out of order. At the same time. Coincidence. (really?) Oh well.

Also, I want this week to be over because I can’t wait to see my high school friends this weekend in Quebec City. The 5 of us finished high school in 2004 (already? I feel old now LOL) and4 or us we went to the 2 years pre-university college together. Since 2006 though, when almost all left for real college life, they all went in the same city (Qu├ębec) whereas the young mind who liked doing nothing like the others decided to go in Sherbrooke (2.5 hours from Qc City). We saw each other a tiny bit during the summer (most of us were spending the summer in our college town for internship and stuff like that) and during Christmas holidays.

Last time we saw each other was at Christmas, after like 2 complete years of not seeing each other as a group. It was SO MUCH FUN. Nothing much had changed… We promised to do something else soon (like not wait 2 years :-P) and our get together is THIS weekend. I’m so excited. Plus I get to go in Quebec City and I didn’t go there to really visit in years. Great bonding times ahead :-)

The biggest challenge will be to control on the food. I had a great week since monday in term of calories budget, even if in my opinion I had a bit to much carbs. A (tiny, at least) portion of rice tuesday, portion of home-made pizza last night and the leftover today for lunch (whole weat crust, though) and bread (again, whole weat at least) for the pimped grilledcheese we are having tonight… I feel bloated this morning, the carb loading must definetely be for something in that. I’m going for a run tonight, I hope it will help.

Plus I’m really excited about going running tonight (if it’s not raining to badly). My collegue is supposed to be coming with me and she kinda stopped training for the past week : can’t wait to show her my improvments! She was always the more experienced runner of the two of us, but I think I’m slowly make up my way to her.

Weight in is tomorrow morning, I don’t have much expections with the bloated tummy I woke up with. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a gain… We’ll see tomorrow!


P.S. Dysfunctionalbarbie, I red your comment, and thanx for the compliments of my tummy, but it’s an illusion LOL The way I was standing, twisted to take the picture makes my tummy looks really flat but it isnt that flat at all … when I dressed the illusion is there and it looks flat, but in bikini, I got this flabby little thing hanging around… I’ll try to take another picture to prove my point ahaha!

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1 | incontrol2day

April 26th, 2012 at 8:56 am


I definitely have a hard time with social eating so I can understand the challenge. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to quebec. Have LOADS of fun.

I can’t wait for the weekend too :)

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 26th, 2012 at 9:35 am


haha! I do that too with my tummy! I look great in clothing, put me in a bikini I’m like “AH MAN! why can’t I look the same!” haha

I’m so happy it’s thursday too! I’m ready for this week (almost month) to be over!

Have a wonderful day!

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