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25 Apr, 2012

Trails and perspective.

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Seriously, look at the thighs of this runner above. That’s the definition of power!

I’ve been blogging on and on about how much I love going for a run in the trails around my place and as I was running, I was always telling myself that I should stop and take a picture to post here. However, I’m the kind of runner who thinks that if I ever stop, I’ll never be able to start again after the pause. I’ll really have to work on that, because honestly, I don’t think that I’ll be able to manage every.single.runs in my life without ever stopping (circulation lights, water stop during races, just to name a few).

Last night, I had to run 8k, but after finishing repeating my hills loops, I was still 1.5 k short. Therefore I crossed the street and headed to a trail that happened to passed just behind my place. I only ran a portion of it, but when I was done, I was bright enough to take out my Ipod and capture the moment.

Isn’t cute? On the right, after the bushes, the river flow and you can observe it at many point of the trails. There is a few spot with park bench and garbage can for people who wants to stop and eat a bit there… The trail isn’t really long ; about 3.5 kilometer going to the dead-end and coming back. However, on the OTHER side of the river, a biggest trail start there for like hundreds of kilometers and suits longer run better.

I feel so lucky to be able to run on this trail (Even if my collegue tells be to be safe to not be attack when I run on them. Way to go to make me feel safer LOL). That is definetly a pro- of living on a small city.

I mentioned yesterday I did closet shopping : I found many clothing that used to fit me, were not fitting last year and not fit me again. I also found the biggest pair of pants I owned, at my highest weight, in March/April 2011. I try them on, above my pyjama pants, just to see.

Those pants were a size 15. I now wear size 9 in most of the brands. See the space on my back! I was filling all of this! May I say o.m.g.

Seriously, trying on this pants had the best effect ever on me. This totally makes up for the days you don’t see results, where you thought you did all this for nothing.

Today, here’s to perspective!


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1 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 25th, 2012 at 9:55 am


OMG you are so much like me with the running mentality. When I was running I couldn’t stop if I stopped I thought I couldn’t start back up again. Until one day I ended up getting a cramp in my side, I had to walk it off and instead of quitting thats what I did. Then I began jogging again and I went for at least 30 minutes straight! That was after I had stopped. That was the last time I ran though haha. I think I just started day dreaming while I was listening to my music and I kept on going which helped a lot.

also holy hell woman you’re looking great! I wish I had your stomach! <3 Keep it up!

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