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23 Apr, 2012

Usual monday rant

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Back to work on monday morning… On a rainy, cloudy monday morning. Blaaaaah.

I had a weekend full of surprises…

First, we were attending the birthday party of my cousin that I’m super close to on saturday night. She was turning 30 and it was a nice evening, with lots of her family and friends. Lovely gathering.

This cousin is 5 years older than me and we were always close. She was my babysitter when I was and when I grew up, we started hanging out with my brothers, her sister and her boyfriend (and now my boyfriend) when we were going back home during holidays and vacations. We even all spent a week together in Mexico 2 years ago : that’s how well we all get along :)

Saturday night was a night of shock though : after chatting 4 months ago that we were both soooo not ready to have kids, they announced us that they are pregnant.

I felt like a bomb had dropped on me.

I’m super happy for them, they will make terrific parents. But I also feel like everything is suddenly going to change.

(I also feel a strike of life anxiety, being 25, never had a grown up job, no house. I feel like a MESS.)

So that was bomb number 1.

Bomb number 2 is related to of tax income report, when we realized that A. and I owe about 680$ to the government this year. BOTH of us. I don’t HAVE this money. (Life anxiety is striking back here!)

Bomb number 3 is related to the fact that my dad, while working on our farm, chopped a part of his tumb last saturday while doing I don’t really know what (and I don’t think I really want to know, anyway!) My dad is really active on the farm and losing a part of thumb will probably need a lot of time of adjustment. Living 875 km away from him, I feel a bit useless being not able to do anything to help him.

Bomb number 4, finally, is about the fact that today I’m up 2.8 lbs from last friday (I promised myself to not look at my scale until next friday. Quite another challenge). I hate a lot of salty stuff yesterday and to be honest to, overate a bit. Most of it is probably water retention… but still. What a bummer to see 138.4 on the scale this morning.

On a good side, I felt skinny this morning. I’m rocking a new pair of jeans I bought friday night (before I knew I owe tons of money… luckily they were 17$ at Winners. For a pair of Hurley… THAT is a deal). I also got TONS of good words on my weight at the party saturday (that was the ego boost I needed after being brought down with the baby stuff, the tax money and the thumb chopping LOL) I also had a really great run yesterday : after my horrible run of last thursday, it just felt great to run, being in control of the breathing. I was even to sprint a bit in the last kilometer of my 11k.

So a new week is beginning! On the plan this week :

– Not looking on the scale until friday morning ;

– Hills training tomorrow and moderate run thursday ;

– Loads of homemade hummus and a huge package of kiwis for my lunches this week ;

– Girls getaway in Quebec City next weekend with my highschool friends : YAY!

Let’s rock this week!


P.S. Seriously, I had to add this. I never felt healthier than yesterday afternoon, at the grocery store. The ladies in front of me at the cash had in her cart : 6 L (yes SIX LITER) of chocolat milk, 2 big alldressed pizza, 3 packages of cookies dough and at least 5 package of rice with flavor added… I was so proud to put down my cucumbers, lettuce, eggs and bananas next to her stuff.

At least, let’s give her the fact that she picked 0 % fat yogurt. At least.

3 Responses to "Usual monday rant"

1 | incontrol2day

April 23rd, 2012 at 10:37 am


I’m sorry about the situation with the taxes. I hate unplanned expenses. I hope your dad feels better soon. That is SO scary that he had an accident on the farm.

I check out people’s grocery carts too and cringe at what other people buy. SO MUCH JUNK :(

3 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 24th, 2012 at 5:53 am


I look at what other people buy too when I shop now I try not to pass judgement but sometimes it happens. I hear you about your life, mine feels like that a lot lately or at least over the last couple of years I’ve been picking up the pieces that a tornato came through and shredded. Don’t worry you’ll get to where you want to be as long as you continue to fight for it!

You’re doing great!

P.S taxes suck I’m pretty sure I owe 1500 :( never work three jobs lol.

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