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18 Apr, 2012

When is the right time to stop?

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Hello bloggers!

First, before anything else, I want to share this :

I was complaning like a brat yesterday about how hard my life is because of my training that I, and only I, choose to do. First, I would like to thanx dysfunctionalbarbie and incontrol2day for all the kinds words you had on my ”bwahahah my life is so hard”-post. It means a lot to know that people out there have the same issues about weight loss! Second, like the green line on the graph above can show, I actually survive my training like a big girl! I’ll try to decrease the Cry Me a River part at my next hills training… (even if I have to add a repetitions, from 5 times on the hill to 6 times… Oh well. I’ll cry next tuesday.)


Last night, after my post-run shower, I was looking at myself in my underwears in the mirror and honestly, I thought my body was awesome. My stomach looks flatter than usual, my inner thights don’t rub together that much anymore, the muffin top is slowly disappearing. I even went in the living room and asked him ”Don’t you think I’m getting more and more a freakin’ rocking body!?” He looked at me and nodded (actually, he looked at my BOOBS and nodded. Guys. *sigh*)

And than this morning I woke up. My tummy felt flabby, I thought my arm were way to much soft and I was like ”it would be so much better if I lose a few more pounds”.

Coincidence : on the Featherweights section of the 3FC forum, there was a lot of discussion lately about wether you should accept your body at a specific weight or keep pushing a bit to get at your initial goal (incontrol2day also talked about that a bit on her blog).

All of this is leading me to the big question since a few days : when is the right time to just stop ?

From the people from my entourage, people has be telling me since the last 20 pounds I lost to stop (like seriously, 20 pounds ago, 2 girls were saying in a really motherhood ton that I should stop, while I was still at the highest range of the healthy BMI) : people who are really caring about me and who thinks I look pretty that way, people who don’t want me to lose more weight because THEY put some on, people that has been used to see me overweight for a long time and is just not used to see me slimmer…

Hearing from all this people, I would have stop a long time ago. But I wanted to make it to my initial goal I had put to myself almost a year ago : to make it to 140 pounds. I don’t really remember how I picked this number but I guess that it was because it was in the healthy BMI range and that I thougth that the round 140 number looks pretty :-P

After reaching the magic 140, my body wasn’t exaclty what I wanted to be : still flabby, still a little tummy love handle, thighs soft and flabby… ”Let’s make it to 135, it should fix the problem”

Now I’m here, abotu 2-3 pounds away from my second goal of 135, my body is ”rocking” to ”blah” depending of the day and my mood, and I honestly don’t think this 2-3 pounds left to lose will solve forever my flabby tighs and tummy problems…

The problem is : I just don’t know when to stop. I seem to be waiting for a signal from the gods or something that will hit me and tell me ”stop losing weight now” but it is never coming (odd, I know).

I want to make it to 135 pounds. It sounds like a pretty number to me (I love round pretty numbers. Yes, I am weird). Those few pounds are defenitely vanity pounds : nobody except me will notice them.

But after that? When I’ll finally hit the 135 pounds? What do I do?

So many questions, so few answers… I’m looooost!


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1 | incontrol2day

April 18th, 2012 at 1:47 pm


I can totally relate to this right now. I don’t even know what my “goal weight” is anymore. I know i have a dream goal weight of 120 and I want to see if I can get there without drastic measures.

I’m looking for a balance between really being content with my weight and settling for 2nd best.

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