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17 Apr, 2012


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Tuesday is here again. Which means that hills training is here again. I want to diiiie.

I hate hills training.

Normal, BRIGHT people just run AROUND the hill and be done with it.

But my running program says that hill running is good for me. So I run hill.

God I hate it.

I hate feeling on the edge of dying after running for 3 minutes. Hills got me thinking that my 8 months of running led me to nothing (I know it’s not true, I would not have been able to do such things when I started ; still, I seem to lack all sense of perspective when I do this bloody training).

Last week, I was more than happy to be donne after running up the hills around my place 4 times.

Tonight it’s five times. I’m gonna sweat my LIFE.

I knooow it’s good for me. It builds cardio and strenght and will probably make me blow angels from my butt, from what I read everywhere (yes, it seems to be THAT good). Today, however, I feel like clinging to my mom skirt, at 5 years old, crying ”I don’t want to go to (insert not funny place here)”.

Other than my whiny running rent, my calories were too high for the last two days. On Sunday, I finished to 2200 calories (but I burned 900 while running, so no harm done there) but yesterday I made it to 1750 with only a 2k walk at lunchtime.¬†For today I have about 700 calories left in my food log budget, and we are eating club sandwichs to eat as much as the really good but expensive whole weat bread I bought last weekend. I don’t know what is going on, but this week I have a lot of trouble to stay within my calories budget : I’m craving for ice cream, and BBQ homemade burgers and salty unhealthy stuff. It’s the first time since I got cravings and I feel off-balance somehow. Let’s just focus on making it until friday WI first and we’ll see next…


2 Responses to "Hills"

1 | incontrol2day

April 18th, 2012 at 5:24 am


I hate it when cravings hit too. Thankfully it’s better this week. Prior to TOM and during it last week, my body was fighting me a lot. Hill training sounds intense! Good for you :)

2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 18th, 2012 at 9:02 am


I hate cravings…I had them all last week lol.
I never crave ice cream though, I seriously have a hate on for ice cream! It annoys me when my friends want Ice cream…I really don’t know what it’s ever done to me for me to hate it…but I do! lol

I always imagine myself doing some sort of Rocky routine in my head, running up stairs and whatever else he does…but I never do it. I just day dream about it, but you do it! So I’ll live through you on this one :P You can do it!

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