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12 Apr, 2012

Do what you have to do.

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As the image above explain, I’m glad to say that most of the junk is OUT OF DA HOUSEEEEEEE. Finally. *sigh*

Last night I had a tiny piece of brownies for dessert (still 160 calories, hugh!) and I gave the probably 400 calories pieces to the boyfriend so we can clean the plate. I’m glad it’s gone. I know I have to be able to resist that kind of thing, because, let’s be honest, I won’t be able to spend the entire rest of my life without NEVER having bad food in the house : still, I don’t like having too much of it at home. Let’s not push the luck ;-)

I made it to 1505 calories in my food log yesterday (no workout) which is totally okay to me. We also got new batteries for the scale yesterday. I wanted so so so so bad to jump on it this morning to see how bad was the damages from the Easter weekend but I did not. I promised myself I wouldn’t weigh myself until friday and as I did not manage to travel through time this morning to make it friday already, no weigh in for me this morning.

Also, while I was trying to dress up this morning, I decided I really need to do something with my pants. NOTHING fits from the waist anymore. They’re might be some tutorials on Youtube or something to fix that a bit, right? God. Weight loss will get me sewing. That is another new thing happening to me!


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1 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 12th, 2012 at 7:03 am


I’m horrible at sewing…I once made a pillow in middle school in home economics and it didn’t look like a pillow…I failed that assignment…

That’s great your clothes don’t fit! and stop talking about brownies your setting off my TOM chocolate cravings LOL jk! Glad there all gone but you could have sent some my way…selfish selfish…:( just kidding I’m glad your doing amazing!!!

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