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11 Apr, 2012

”Never trade what you want the most for what you want at the moment”

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I thought I’d start by an inspirational quote this morning. Today is my second day officially back on track and some inspiration never hurts, doesn’t it? ;-)

After this long, binge-ish weekend, I had almost forgot how it felt nice to be in control. Yesterday, I finished my food log day at 1435 calories and I was even able to manage in a tiny bit of brownies for dessert (about 70 g, no frozen yogurt though). But I was fine : I wasn’t really hungry and I was able to enjoy a sweet treat after my day of work and training.

I also went for a run yesterday. I was super anxious about this one though : I was starting hills training and honestly, I was still SUPER sore from the pilates from Monday (I still even feel it in my inner tighs today, hugh). I managed to finish my 4 repetitions of hills and my 5.11 kilometers run and honestly, I think the run helped my muscles a bit : most of them are not as sore as yesterday, the running probably helped to evacuate the lactic acid from the muscles.

I am also officially in the 2012 half-marathon Oasis of MontrĂ©al, part of the Rock&Roll series. It’s gonna be a really fun event, with bands playing all along the path. It is set to be on September 23th. I still can’t really beleive it : I’m gonna run at least one half-marathon this year! There is still 2 races I got my eye on until September, but I still have until May 1st to officially subscribe to them. I’ll make it official here when it’s all set! ;-)

I have to admit that it feels good to be back to my old self again (by old self, I mean the Me before Easter LOL :-P) I was feeling like everything was slipping off my hands and I had to way to hold everything back together… Seriously, what a nasty feeling.

Let’s get ready for the races and bikini season now! We can do this! :-)


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