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28 Mar, 2012

I’m a bad sneack-up-on-the-scale-before-the-time girl

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I have to admit that I picked the image/quote from Jane Austen this morning before exactly knowing what I was gonna blog about today. I thought the quote was inspiring, espicially for someone who is trying to make healthier and permanent changes in his/her life. (And I admit it, I’m a HUGE fan of Jane Austen. My boyfriend was stock watching Becoming Jane with me last saturday, and consider he’s okay in term of ”good action to society” for a while LOL)

However, today, I’m a bad, bad, sneacky girl!

I am really trying to just weigh in once a week. There is two main reasons for that : first, because even if a loss from times to times in the morning can cheer me up for the day, the normal fluctuation gains that inevitably happen can also bring you down. And I feel I don’t need that to influence if my day is gonna be good or bad : I don’t want my weight to have this impact on my life anymore.

The second reason is also that I don’t want to become the person who will weigh in everyday and multiple times a day. I know many people weigh in every morning and did not go overboard with it, but you know, I’m just not taking chances about that matter ;)

Even with all those reasons, I still sneak in most of the morning on my scale, but I when I know I indulge or ate super salty the day before, I stay away to let the time for my body to wash out the crap a bit before getting a reality check.

For the last two days, however, the scale has been telling me something HUGE.

Yesterday, I was at 139.8 pounds in the morning.

This morning, I was at 138.8 pounds.

Which means that if I can maintain that weight until friday (my official weigh in day), I would be at my official original weight goal that I fixed myself in May 2012.

I’m thrilled, but also scared at the same time. What if the scale is just playing a painful trick on my mind? Is it broken? Am I really in the 130’s?

I’m trying to relax and not think much about it, but I desesperatly want to be friday already so the scale anxiety would be over.

That’s a great motivation to be on planand to check my sodium intake¬†¬†until friday, though… ;)


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1 | dysfunctionalbarbie

March 28th, 2012 at 10:24 am


Thats so exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear on friday that you’re scale wasn’t play tricks on you, and that you are in fact in the 130’s!!!

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