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27 Mar, 2012

Just do it.

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I feel soooo much better in my body and in my head if I compare to yesteday!

I ended up going for my 11k run last night. It was cold and super windy : you know, when you have to lean over a bit to just fight the wind? Well, it was that situation last night.

After putting on some warm clothing, I headed outside and started my usual run path… 3.5k with the wind right in my face. God I wanted to give up. The running path I was going for last night was a street path : it was too late to go wander in the trails with the sun going down quickly and my neighborhood being really hilly, it’s a path with light hills that will not kill me on the long run.

Usually I just go up for 4k on this run, getting downtown, and come back, making a great 4k run. But for the 11k, I would still be 3k short. In another time, I would just get back home, turn around and go again for another 1.5k, turn around and get back home… but last night, the idea of facing the wind AGAIN (and beleive me, it was WINDY) was just exausting to me.

So I decided to go for the long shot and use a loop that I have done once before : it brings me more far from my place, on the other side of the river, meaning that if I just don’t feel like running anymore and more feeling like giving up, I’m screwed. However, this loop would allow me to have the wind in the back or the side for about 70% of the run, a much sweeter plan for the face and my hands that were cold, ever wearing my gloves.

I just went for it. And you know what? It felt great.

I drank through the day yesterday, so adding my bottle of water that I was carrying, my hydratation level was fine. I wasn’t overdressed nor underdressed (maybe except for my hands/gloves). The cardio was feeling great. I had a bit of pain in my hip and a knee, but I blame my lack of streching before I started.  I went through my mental barrier of the 10k, and I was a bit releived that I did not wanted to die that much by the end! hehe

The only part that I did not like from my run is the fact that I know my big motivation to do that run is because of the crappy food-weekend I got… I wanted to burn as much calories as I could to mend for the bad decisions I made… and if there is one thing I don’t want to do is to associate my sport activity and running with the feeling of ”having” to go for a run just to make my bad decisions okay. It’s definitely something to work on…



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